Wednesday, January 7, 2015

YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush #12 Mocha Garconne

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year! 

I'm starting off the new year here on my blog by reviewing a YSL Kiss and Blush Baby Doll Lips and Cheeks Soft Matte Color.  When the YSL Kiss and Blush collection first came out, I was so eager to try them out.  Upon my initial experience with this product, I wanted several shades from the collection.  In fact, I did purchase three shades, but I only kept one and returned the other two.  

How do the YSL Kiss and Blush colors function as a lip color versus cheek color? I would describe this product as a light-weight, mousse-liquid.  The pigmentation for the purposes of wearing this as a lip color is good, however, this is not the case for wearing this as a cheek color.  As you can tell by the picture of my arm below, I had to liberally apply the product for it to show up on my arm (the same is true for my face).  Although this product blends nicely and effortlessly on the cheeks (I recommend using a stippling brush and a light hand), it is too drying on the lips.  Lastly, the staying power of this product as both a lip and cheek color is underwhelming.

Additionally, the YSL Kiss and Blush colors are expensive! This is the single most expensive high-end makeup product I own.  I justified the steep price point of $40 by reasoning that this product served two purposes - lip color and cheek color.  I thought a high-end blush and a high-end lipstick typically cost about $21 each so it made sense that a two-in-one product would be more expensive.  However, I did not take into consideration that the amount of product of this multi-functional product would obviously not be the same as the amount of product of a blush and lipstick sold separately.  Anyway, I am sure all of you get my point here.  This product is very expensive considering both the overall functionality and quantity of the product.  

Other than the beautiful shade range of the YSL Kiss and Blush collection and their luxurious fruity scent, I was simply not impressed by them.  I really had high hopes for this multi-functional liquid lip and cheek color.  I especially liked the concept of wearing the same shade on the cheeks and lips for a very monochromatic and natural makeup look.  

I would pass on these if you have not yet tried them.  There are plenty of other fish in the sea! I hope you found this review helpful.  Please subscribe for more reviews here on my blog as well as on my Instagram page and YouTube channel.  Thank you! 
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