Friday, July 17, 2015

L'Oreal Star Matte Red Lipsticks | Swatches, Demos, & Review | ChaiTimewithMeesha

Hi Lipstick-Lover-Peeps! Well, this one is especially for my Red Lipstick Lovers - my review of the L'Oreal "Star Matte Red" lipsticks is posted on my channel ChaiTimewithMeesha.  The "Star Matte Reds" is a new collection from L'Oreal, which includes a gradient of "special" red lipsticks and nail polishes.  Each shade is named after a celebrity ambassador of L'Oreal. The concept behind this collection is that L'Oreal has a diverse collection of reds for women of different skin tones and colors from all around the world.   

Hope y'all will like my picks and enjoy the video.  Bisou! Bisou! 

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