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Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sumptuous Lipsticks: Discreet, Intense Nude, Dynamic, Powerful, Impassioned, Envious, and Vengeful Red | Video | Review | Swatches

Top to Bottom: Powerful, Vengeful Red, Envious, Impassioned, Dynamic, Intense Nude, and Discreet 

Color Description | Price 
Discreet is a neutral/nude category shade.  It is a deep purely brown-based nude, which means it is an ideal nude for beige, olive, tan, deep, and dark skin-tones.  Despite being a nude, Discreet covers my pigmented and textured lips very nicely; no need for a lip liner.  
Intense Nude is also a neutral/nude category shade. It is a true mauve-nude.  Once again, another neutral shade for deeper skin-tones without looking too deep or boring.  
Dynamic is a pink/neutral category shade.  This shade is a medium pink-nude.  It has a bit of rosiness to it, which adds depth to it, but makes it less of a baby-pink or mauve-pink.  This is my signature "my lips but better" shade.  
Powerful is a purely pink category shade. Powerful has slight lilac-purple and blue tones overpowered by the pink.  Although it appears very cool-toned, I believe it is a slightly cool, more so a neutral-toned shade, which is why it suits my warm-beige skin-tone.  This is the ideal bright, fun, sobered "barbie-pink" for individuals who share my skin-tone.  I really like this shade for its capability of brightening up my face.  I usually don't prefer wearing pink lipstick, but I do really enjoy wearing this one.  
Impassioned is an orange/coral category shade.  This shade is a vibrant, bright (non-fluorescent) orange-red-coral shade.  On the balancing scale of red versus orange, this shade leans more orange.  I live for wearable, yet bold orange lipsticks.  I love Impassioned.  Other than Discreet, this is one of my favorites from my Estee Lauder lipstick collection as well as my entire lipstick collection. 
Envious is a purely red category shade.  This one is a neutral-to-warm toned red.  Initially, I was under the impression that Envious is a red-orange, but the more I wear it I realize that is actually a bright scarlet red (no brown and no brick tones).  
Vengeful Red is also a purely red category shade. This one is a cool-toned, blue-toned blood red, which should imply that its brightening, yet has some depth to it.  I immensely dislike (with all my might) berry-toned or pink-toned reds (for example, if I accidentally purchase - because of Sephora's God-awful lighting - a raspberry red, someone may have to call 911 for me).   

...  Price $30 USD  ...

Claims | Formula | Application | Staying Power 
Estee Lauder claims that the Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipsticks provide "high-intensity color," hydration, and comfortable staying power for 6-hours of wear.  Furthermore, "the lipstick bullet is shaped to sculpt the curves of your lips." Source: Estee Lauder website. 

If you all love the formula of the NARS Audacious Lipsticks and the MARC Jacobs Beauty Le Cremes and Lip Gels, then you all will definitely enjoy the formula of the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipsticks.  These lipsticks apply smoothly and feel like a buttery and creamy balm on your lips during as well as after the application.  Here pigmentation is not sacrificed for the luxurious texture. They are intensely pigmented.  In one swipe, my lips are covered with color.  The tapered (angled) shape of the lipstick bullet results in precise application, allowing the lip color to stay within the outline of one's lips.  Indeed, the shades I own do have good staying-power.  Although these lipsticks are emollient in texture, they are not so fickle as to wash away with a cup of Chai or a spicy chaat (Indian street food) or a plate of pad-ki-mao (savory oily Thai gravy noodles).  Of course, gentle transferring and wearing off is to be expected when consuming a full meal.  In fact I recall I was so impressed by the staying power of the shade Envious that I considered wearing it on my wedding day.    

The lipsticks are encased in a classy, elegant navy and gold solid tube with a magnetic closure.  

Vengeful Red, Envious, Impassioned, Dynamic (Left to Right) 

Discreet, Intense Nude, Powerful (Left to Right) 

Vengeful Red, Dynamic, Discreet (Back Row Left to Right)
Envious, Powerful, Intense Nude, Impassioned (Front Row Left to Right)

I do want to note that a few shades in the Pure Color Envy Sculpting line did not suit me, either because of the formula or color.  The ones that did not suit me because of the formula/patchy application look good on less pigmented, less textured lips.  I returned these shades and so I do not have them pictured here.  The shades included Desirable (poor formula / applied patchy), Potent (poor formula / applied patchy), Impulsive (poor formula / applied patchy), Fierce (disliked color), Carnal (disliked color), and Defiant Coral (disliked color).  

*Visual Demo on "ChaiTimewithMeesha* 

*Lip Swatches*
First Row: Dynamic and Envious
Second Row: Vengeful Red, Intense Nude, Powerful
Third Row: Impassioned, Discreet (my two favorites) 

Intense Nude 
Vengeful Red 
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  1. Such beautiful shades! You look beautiful in every shade!

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful! I love you in that denim blouse/necklace combo but I guess that is beside the point! I really want vengeful red. I don't have any of these lipsticks but the formula sounds amazing!! Comfortable with some actual staying power? Sign me up!


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