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The Strawberry Hearts Chocolate Darts blog is the personal work product of the creator, author, and editor of this blog - Meesha Kaw.

The opinions expressed and other content presented on this blog are based exclusively the author's own personal interpretation and assessment.

The author will only recommend and approve of products that the author believes are worthy through personal experience.

Strawberry Hearts Chocolate Darts is not compensated to provide opinions and/or recommendations regarding products, services, websites, and other entities.

Strawberry Hearts Chocolate Darts does not claim to be an expert or licensed in the subject matter of this blog.

The subject matter of this blog includes beauty, makeup, fashion, brands, stores, and anything else of such nature.

The author is the owner of the photographs displayed on Strawberry Hearts Chocolate Darts, unless stated otherwise.

The author will add an explicit disclaimer under any photograph that is borrowed.

The author will provide the source of the borrowed photograph.

Please do not copy the photographs displayed on this blog without the explicit written permission of the author.

Strawberry Hearts Chocolate Darts makes no direct or implied representations and warranties via the publication of the content.

Strawberry Hearts Chocolate Darts and Meesha Kaw are not liable for any harm, injury, or expense in relation to the content published on this blog.

This disclosure policy is valid beginning February 2, 2014 and was drafted by Meesha Kaw.

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