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Hey y'all!  Welcome to my beauty-blog Strawberry Hearts Chocolate Darts.  I am a self-proclaimed Lipsticks-Ninja, who is fueled by an insatiable infatuation for lipsticks.  Of course for the sake of reviewing products, I have experimented with a variety of other beauty products as well.  I love to share my reviews, with swatches and demos, here via my blog and also on Instagram and YouTube - Chai Time with Meesha.  This is my creative space and happy place of solace.  

My desire to blog began when I stumbled upon the beauty blogging community while searching for swatches of lipsticks and nail polishes.  I decided to join in the fun and created my own blog and channel.  I can talk about beauty (colors, formulas, textures, trends, fads, etc.) to no end!  In fact if I notice someone contemplating a product or struggling to find the color they're looking for in the store, I feel compelled to intervene and help them.  So far no one has found this annoying, thank goodness! 

I'm fascinated by makeup artistry and ever-changing beauty and fashion trends.  At first I was hesitant to start my own blog because of the fact that there are plenty of established beauty blogs and channels in the cyber-world already. However, it was also my observation that the beauty community could benefit from diversity. We need bloggers representing people of all colors, shapes, and size. 

I asked myself how I could contribute or make a difference?  Why does my review matter?  My doubts were cleared when some of my friends brought to my attention a lack of women of color in the beauty blogging community.  They encouraged me to start blogging for this reason.  Since then I have received several comments, where my readers/viewers have expressed to me that they found my review helpful or swatches true-to-color because they share my skin-tone, complexion, skin-type, product preferences, beauty concerns, etc.  

I hope you find my posts and videos helpful, informative, and entertaining.  

Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you'll visit back soon. 
❤ Meesha ❤ The Lipsticks-Ninja 

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*If you are a Beauty or Fashion Blogger, Beauty or Fashion Enthusiast, Makeup Artist, Cosmetic Brand Company Representative or PR Representative and would like to get in touch with me to talk about beauty and fashion, new trends and fads, request a review of a specific product, request a makeup tutorial, and/or collaborate on a beauty/fashion oriented project, then please feel free to contact me via email at I would be pleased to hear from you. 

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