Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nicole by OPI in Am I Making Myself Claire? (Modern Family Collection)

ABC's Moden Family is an across the board great show. There is a dynamic of unique personalities on this show. Not only does an episode make you laugh out loud, but if you really think about it the episodes sometimes carry meaning. I know I am supposed to review a nail color here, but I would first like to share some of my favorite moments from Modern Family, which have made me laugh, but also brought tears. 

If you all do not watch or like this show, please skip ahead to the nail color review. Here are the moments: 
A Lily Moment - when her dads' wild friend apologizes to Lily for not inviting kids to her wedding, Lily replies something along the lines of "it is okay, I'll live. I'll just come to your next one." 
A Claire Moment - Claire is really passionate about renovating a trashed piece of land and turn into a little baseball field along with her brother-in-law, Cameron, but her brother, Mitchell, and husband, Phil, don't have faith in this project. Claire gets upset that her brother and husband do not think she can get the job done. She says to Cameron, "for once I would like to get my husband a gift from my own money." 
A Gloria and Jay Moment - The trophy wife, Gloria, decided to wear high heel stilettos to Disney Land. Her feet were killing her. Jay had told her to wear something comfortable, but she didn't listen. Well, instead of being hard on her, he bought her jumbo cushiony yellow Minnie Mouse shoes so she would not have to walk bare foot. But he thought of it on his own, without her asking for anything. 
A Haley and Phil Moment - Haley is definitely a daddy's girl. She is wild and can be silly sometimes, but it is as if they speak the same language. Phil bought Haley a family pic shirt when she moved into her college dorm. She did not appreciate it and told him that he was embarrassing her. Her parents left in a rush. That night she slept in the shirt. There are way too many cute Phil and Haley moments. Although I have always been obedient and my dad is pretty serious, while watching them I always miss my dad. 
A Jay and Manny Moment - Manny is quite melodramatic for his age. Jay likes to leave him alone so he can learn for himself, but eventually he just melts and gives in.

Disclaimer: I borrowed this image from This image is not my original work product. I am not taking credit for the creation of this particular image. I am only using this image as a reference to the Modern Family Collection. The pictures of the manicure are my original work product. 

Now for the nail polish review! The Nicole by OPI Modern Family Collection has been out for more than a month. The collection consists of fourteen colors. The colors I liked in addition to Am I Making Myself Claire are Alex by the Books and A Like-Haley Story. I decided to just buy the one I absolutely adored and would wear most often. The other two colors were beautiful, but did not appear flattering with my skin-tone. 

While in the store, naughty me, I swatched Alex by the Books and A Like-Haley polishes on a piece of tape. The formula looked thin as I pulled the brush out and application was streaky even on a piece of tape. However, this is not the case for Am I Making Myself Claire. Obviously, why else would buy it! Anyways, this soft dusty milky grey-blue toned lilac shade is gorgeous for the Spring, Summer, and even early Fall.  I love it! I would wear this shade over and over again. It applies like a dream and the formula is slightly thick, but manageable, not gooey.

If y'all have not seen Modern Family, what are you waiting for? If you do watch Modern Family, feel free to share your favorite moments from the show!

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  1. That is a very pretty color! Lovely for Spring =)

  2. Love the Modern Family! And these shades are all wow. This reminds me of Essie's Lilacism. Or do my eyes need testing?
    My Beauty Junction

  3. That looks like a really pretty lilac for fair skin!

  4. Grey nailpolish has been my all time favorite! Love this color! And oh I love modern family as well! Especially Gloria's accent ^^

  5. Oooh I like that! I have She's Lily Something, it's really cute with all the stars :o)

    My contact email is

    Jac x0x

  6. Wow Pretty shade and Lovely LOTD dear... :)

  7. Thank you! The color looks great!
    Full of Inspiration

  8. What a pretty colour. I have recently reviewed Candid Cameron and absolutely loved it. Love Modern Family!!

    And Im a new follower. Hope you will check out my blog too, and follow if you like it!!


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