Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure | Beach Side Astrologer Collection | Gemincello

Hey y'all!  Today, we are stepping away from lipsticks and taking a look at a new nail color.  I recently spotted a new collection from Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure called the Beach Side Astrologer Collection at my local Target ($6.99).   Oddly, my own sun sign - Aquarius - did not appeal to me at all.  The only one to impress me enough to purchase it was the Gemini polish called Gemincello.  It is such a beautiful and unique shade.  I would describe it as a dusty, muted, pastel custard yellow.  It makes me think of cartoon ducklings or a baby's nursery and its milky sweet aroma.  

Yellow polishes are notorious for having horrible (hopeless) formulas.  Well, not Gemincello!  It has been placed in my "Hall of Fame of Impressive Yellow Polishes" along with OPI's I Can't Copacabana and Salon Perfect's Mellow Yellow.  I only needed to apply two coats to achieve even application. Wow! I consider Gemincello a treasurable find; a special addition to my nail polish collection.  I usually don't spend more than $5 - $6 (pre-tax) on a nail polish, but I do make exceptions when the color is uncommon and refreshing from the usual repeat releases.  I  highly recommend it.  

Visit my Instagram to read my reviews and see pictures of two other lovely yellow nail polishes - OPI's I Can't Copacabana and Salon Perfect's Mellow Yellow (the link is provided below).  

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  1. Not only does it look like it applies dreamily as you said, but it is such a unique yellow! Almost creamy? It looks great on you!


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