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Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks (swatches and review of the latest colors) | ChaiTimewithMeesha


Availability and Price
The Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks are available on the ABH website as well other retailers – Macy’s, Ulta, and Sephora (online and in-stores).  In my opinion, the most convenient way to buy these is online because the popular colors (like those swatched in my video above) are usually out of stock in stores.  These liquid lipsticks retail for $20 (11 oz.) a pop.

The colors that I am reviewing today are Stripped, Crush, Dusty Rose, Kathryn, Madison, Ashton, Sepia, Veronica, and Trust Issues.  I want to point out an observation – I think Anastasia Beverly Hills has released its liquid lipsticks in three batches thus far (Spring 2015, Summer 2015, and Spring 2016) and with each batch the formula of the liquid lipsticks has changed.  If you’re interested in swatches and review of any of the liquid lipsticks from the very first release (Spring 2015), you can find that on my channel as well.  In today’s video, we will focus on the colors from the second (Summer 2015 -these were out of stock for the longest time and were recently restocked) and third (Spring 2016) releases.  As for the Summer 2015 shades that were recently restocked, I am not sure if the formula changed with the restock. I’m assuming the formula did change with the restock because these colors came back in stock after over a year. 

Stripped (Spring ‘16)
Crush (Spring ‘16)
Dusty Rose (Summer ’15, re-released/re-stocked with Spring ’16 collection release)
Kathryn (Spring ‘16)
Madison (Spring ‘16)
Ashton (Spring ‘16)
Sepia (Summer ’15, re-stocked recently)
Veronica (Summer ’15, re-stocked recently)
Trust Issues (Summer ’15, re-stocked recently)

I know this “mumbo-jumbo” might sound overwhelming/confusing, but I have to include all of the details in order to give y’all a proper review. 

All of these colors are fabulously pigmented and appear opaque in one coat.  The pigmentation remains consistently excellent despite the changes in the formula. 

I have the older version of Sepia, Veronica, and Trust Issues, so with these three colors I prefer taking some product off of my applicator and then adding more, specifically to the center portion of the bottom lip.  These three shades are thicker, creamier, and take longer to dry/set, especially in the center portion of the bottom lip. 

Application, Texture, & Comfort 
I am only going to discuss the application and texture of the latest release.  Overall, the latest ABH liquid lipstick formula is ultra-matte (a fully dry matte).  I invested in a MAC Prep and Prime Lip - a lipstick base - to wear underneath these liquid lipsticks.  I first moisturize my lips with Jack Black’s lip balm and then follow up with MAC’s Prep and Prime Lip before I apply these liquid lipsticks. Despite applying a lip balm and a lip base, these liquid lipsticks set fairly quickly (and very quickly on bare lips).  

I would not recommend layering more than a second coat even though the latest formula is thinner (thin yet creamy, not runny) than the prior two formulations.  The colors Stripped and Crush did not suit my skin-tone and natural lip color and shape.  I don’t suffer from chapped lips, but my lips are naturally wrinkly/pouty. I don’t have plump and smooth lips so I have to be careful with lighter shades, especially lighter shades in a super dry/matte formula.  Both Stripped and Crush settled into my lip lines and made my lips look very parched and powdery. 

Honestly, I like the ABH liquid lipsticks more for the color selection than the formula. The formula (latest one) on its own is not comfortable and I have to wear a lip balm and priming base underneath to make them suitable for my lips.  As I mentioned above, I don’t have abnormally dry lips (unless I’m feeling unwell or de-hydrated or am sunburned) and I do exfoliate and moisturize my lips regularly.

The ABH liquid lipsticks have good staying power.  As you saw in the video, I rubbed my lips and kissed my hand and there was no noticeable transfer.  However, if you eat something that is very wet, liquid in consistency, or greasy (oil-based), then these will definitely wear off, especially in the center portion of the bottom lip. I do appreciate that these liquid lipsticks don’t wear off in a messy way, like transferring onto your chin or teeth. 

Overall, the truth is that I am a fan of the colors here.  For instance, Madison is my absolute favorite purple lip color in the whole wide world.  The only caveat is that you must be an avid enthusiast of the ultra-matte lips trend and willing to put in the extra prep. 

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  1. I do love the colors as well. Thanks for going into such detail about the formula changes from each restock/release. That was really helpful!! I think these might be too drying for my lips as my lips always tend to be on the dry side though


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