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Kokie Professional Cosmetics | Demo,💋 Swatches, & Review

Story time!
Hello, everyone! I know I have been MIA. I apologize for my absence, but it was for genuine reasons. I appreciate that y’all have been patient with me. I was not in my element to film, but now I am back. I hope y'all connect with me on my Instagram page @strawberryheartschocolatedarts, where I post on a daily basis. Today on the Chai Time menu: Kokie Professional Cosmetics.   

I first discovered the brand Kokie Cosmetics through posts on Instagram that showcased the brand’s beautiful nail polish selection. I started following the brand on Instagram and learned that their nail polishes – a select variety - are sold in select Bed, Bad, and Beyond Harmon’s stores.  So I ventured out to my local BBB Harmon’s to check the Kokie Cosmetics nail polishes, but the colors that I was interested in were not available at the locations near me.  This took Kokie Cosmetics off my radar until this past Spring when the brand announced on Instagram that they not only have nail polishes, but makeup and brushes too, which would soon be releasing in select Walmart locations. Soon after their announcement, Kokie Cosmetics displays were spotted at Walmart stores. Hence, my hunt commenced! 

To find out if a Walmart near you carries Kokie, visit the Kokie Cosmetics website, select the Walmart tab, and enter your zip code.  This is how I searched for a display near me rather than hopping from store to store, wasting my time.  I really appreciate that Kokie Cosmetics has this locator feature on their website because unfortunately Walmart is so disorganized in my opinion.  I am a Target gal, no ifs or buts about it!

Now let us circle back to today’s video.  I was able to find a display right after it had been freshly set up.  For those of you familiar with the chaos that is Walmart –especially its makeup isles, which sometimes look like a storm has passed through – will appreciate the sanctity of a fresh untouched display.  I got to the apples first y’all, fresh and juicy for the picking.

Although I would have liked to try several products, I limited myself to just the liquid lipsticks.  I am not much of a base wearer nor do I like to switch it up much – I stick to what works.  The color products, like the eye shadows and blushes, didn’t speak to me because they appeared better suited for lighter, fairer skin-tones.  Also, I am a fledgling beauty blogger and invest my own money in purchasing products to test and review so I cannot get carried away.  Basically, I am a lipstick gal and that’s what triggered my love for makeup artistry and blogging.  So let us take a look at what I picked up, shall we?

Demo & Swatches

Kokie Cosmetics has two formulations of liquid lipsticks: the Kissable Liquid Lipstick and the Lip Poudre. 

·      Kissable Liquid Lipstick claims – “love the matte look but not desert-dry lips? Never fear, Kokie Cosmetics is here with our Kissable Matte Lip Gloss! These liquid lipsticks glide on like velvet and dry into a soft, kissable matte … Comfortable, transfer-proof… “ (Kokie Professional website)

·      Lip Poudre claims – “our formula provides water-resistant, intensely pigmented, weightless color that wont flake or dry out lips. Plus, it’s reapplication-friendly! Glides on as a cream and dries to a feather-light, velvety soft, matte lipstick.” (Kokie Professional website)

Let me give it to y’all straight, if you have dry lips, despite your efforts to keep them hydrated, and most (like 99%) matte liquid lipsticks do not suit you, then the Kissable Liquid Lipstick formula is ideal for you. The Kissable formula has a gel-cream hybrid texture.  It’s gel-like characteristic is what makes it adhere well to the lips so initially it has that slight tackiness of a gloss and you can feel it on your lips.  It takes a few minutes to set to a semi-matte finish.  Although it is very comfortable as Kokie Cosmetics claims, it is not transfer-proof.  If you don’t like your lipsticks to have sheen and prefer that they set completely matte, then you will not be a fan of the Kissable formula. 

The Lip Poudre formula is difficult to explain. In fact, it is somewhat “powdery” as its name implies.  It has a thinner, more of a liquid-cream consistency in comparison to the Kissable formula.  However, once it sets, it felt and looked gritty and enhanced every nook and cranny of my lips.  I loved the Lip Poudre color Duchess, but despite being such a pigmented mid-tone plummy mauve shade, it looked dry, but not dry in the sense that it set fully matte. It still had dimension to it, but appeared so textured.  I think the Lip Poudre might work for someone who has really hydrated and naturally plump lips, which a good half of us don’t.  I don’t have dry lips, but I do have natural lip lines, which I was just born with, and medium sized lips, so this kind of powdery formula just doesn’t fit the bill for me. 

Between the Kissable and Lip Poudre formulas, I prefer the Kissable formula even though I like my liquid lipsticks to set to a smooth, velvety matte, sheen-less finish.  There are comfortable fully matte liquid lipsticks out there in the market, especially because every beauty brand is coming out with their version of a matte liquid lipstick. 
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