Friday, July 12, 2013

Cover Girl Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm in Luv U

I could not resist trying out the new Cover Girl Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm. Initially when I saw the display of new Cover Girl products at Walgreens, I had decided against purchasing one because I had tried the original Cover Girl Lipslicks Lip Balm and was not impressed by it.

I have noticed that Walgreens seems to be the first place I spot new products. I have seen new products displayed at Walgreens before they appear at Walmart, Target, or ULTA. Most of the time I patiently wait for it to come at the other stores because I find Walgreens a tad bit pricey. Sometimes though Walgreens has nice deals and it's worth it to get it while it's hot and share the buzz with all of your friends.

Anyways, back to this lip balm. I eventually purchased it at Walmart for $4.99. Good price, right? Fortunately, I don't feel guilty when I buy anything under $5 that I know I will use well. It is quite a steal then because miscellaneous items are so expensive nowadays. I cannot really tell you why I changed my mind and opted to purchase it ultimately. I suppose the beauty blogger aspect of me was curious to find out what exactly was so "new" about these Lipslicks Smoochies. Also, what excites me most in lipstick category? You guessed it, lip balms!

I did not experience a difference between the original Lipslicks and the new Lipslick Smoochies except for the colorful packaging and childish "text / cyber world" sort of names. I remember that the original Lipslicks came in a few colors, but when applied they were sheer tints to no tint at all. My lips are naturally a light mauve pink. I feel like my lips don't appear deeply pigmented. I don't realize the pigmentation until I notice how well certain lip colors show up on others lips, but not on mine. I saw a couple of You Tubers raving about the pigmentation of these balms and wanting to buy all of the colors because they are so inexpensive. I definitely noticed color on their lips. However, when I tried this balm on myself, I thought, "um where is the color payoff?" Honestly, do not expect even mediocre color payoff from these lip balms if you have moderately pigmented lips. The specific color I purchased gave off an extremely sheer pink tint. 

I definitely liked the feel of this lip balm. It felt creamy and moisturizing, but not heavy, waxy, or greasy. The emollient feeling lasted on my lips for a long time. It did not wear off when I had a drink, but it did disappear when I ate a proper meal. My lips felt smooth after wearing this balm. I have noticed that some of my lip products, once they wear off, leave my lips in a smooth and supple condition, while others leave my lips looking parched and feeling slightly rough. 

I like that this lip product lives up to its title as a lip balm. I don't mind the lack of color payoff, but I do wish these balms had sunscreen... as a compromise. I was not at all impressed by L'oreal Color Riche Balms or the Maybelline Baby Lips. These balms did have sunscreen, but they felt very waxy and dried out my lips. Lipslicks Smoochies can work as a nice balmy base for a medium to full coverage lipstick. Cover Girl should have added sun protection to these re-released lip balms. 

I wear sunscreen religiously. Wearing sunscreen on your face and body is good. However, wearing it  on the area around the lips as well as the lips is very important. I can say this with confidence as some dermatologists I am acquainted with have told me that this area of the skin is thinner and especially sensitive to UV rays.

I hope you all enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Have any of you or will you consider trying out this lip balm? What are your favorite lip balms? 

Have a happy happy happy day! 

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  1. Love that lip colour wished the UK had covergirl
    Love your blog

  2. Lovely pout Meesha Loved your review dear :)

  3. I want to try this but honestly I really hate the packaging :p Its nice to know it lives up to its hype though!


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