Thursday, October 17, 2013

Essie Nail Polish Sand Tropez (Neutral Manicure for Fall / Autumn)

Hey y'all. 

I love saying y'all. When I first began blogging, my greeting was a very formal and mundane hello everyone/everybody and welcome with an exclamation mark or few.  Since then I have thought deeply about a creative and personalized greeting for my blog, but have had no luck coming up with something catchy and unique. For now I'm just happy pretending to be a Southern Belle, saying hey y'all. This phrase is something I liked and picked up even before moving down South. Although I would not label myself to be a conformist, I enjoy the sense of pride and exclusivity one feels as part of identifying ones self with a group, entity, culture, tradition, or cause. Ever since I moved down South, I have fallen in love with the romantic atmosphere and "Southern" sense of unity and culture - mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, gumbo, salted peanuts, iced tea, sun dresses, and did I mention, the accent. I am an Indian American with a "Southern" accent! I have been told that I sound a bit like an annoying version of Reba. And did I mention yet my obsession with the show Nashville?

Perhaps you can tell by my off tangent introduction, expressing my love for the South, that it is such an internal struggle for me to write my posts. On one hand I want to write in a conversational, informal, creative, mainstream manner, but on the other hand my experience is writing science literature reviews and legal memorandums and appellate briefs forces me to write somewhat too formally on here. I believe no beauty enthusiast wants to read a blog post that is organized in a rigid format. Hypothesis, experimental data, and conclusion of this product, anyone? Or the issue with this brand is "x", while the rule is the beauty jurisdiction is "abc", the brand claims "123", however, the people allege "blah blah blah", and the beauty guru judge concludes "bam". I think only law students or those familiar with legal education will find the previous statement sort of humorous. 

Anyways, enough of my jibber jabber. Let us move on to a beauty neutral shade, which I would like to share with you today and recommend for this Fall/Autumn. You all may have already heard of Essie's Sand Tropez. This is a very popular shade. I was a little late to join this party, so I thought to share the news with those of you who have not joined in yet. 

In the bottle, Sand Tropez reminds me of vanilla almond milk. If you have not already eaten this concoction, please try honey nut cheerios with vanilla almond milk. Yummers for your tummers!!! I was worried that Sand Tropez would look too bland or muddy against my olive-beige skin tone. However, I don't think it makes my hands look dull. On my nails, I would describe Sand Tropez as a mid-tone sandy beige with light brownish gray undertones. I get a little too elaborate with words while trying to explain the shade, so I always include a lot of pictures for a proper visual demonstration. Fortunately, my camera captures the true to what it looks like in person. 

Let me hear an alleluia for finding a no-fuss, non-streaky, non-patchy, non-goopy creme formula in a neutral or nude shade!!! The first coat might appear streaky if you have ridges on your fingernails. Some people tends to have more ridges than others. I don't have prominent ridges, so for me the initial coat of this color is not streaky. However, the initial coat of this nail polish applies a little patchy on my nails, but only on certain ones. It looks fully opaque and evens out by the second coat as you can see in the pictures below. Overall, I really like the formula of this Essie creme polish. 

Someone once told that Essie's Sand Tropez stayed on her nails, chip-free, for two weeks. I did not wear this shade for two weeks, but for the four or five days I worn it, I did not observe any chipping. My nails grow very fast, so apart from the appearance of the manicure changing due to nail growth, this polish seems to have good wear-time. 

Essie nail polishes cost $8, but keep an eye out for a coupon or BOGO sale. Today, I found select Essie polishes for $3.99 at TJMAXX. I did not take a close look at the particular shades available because I am currently "fasting" from buying nail polishes. I started my no-buy at the beginning of August and am still going strong. 

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  1. Lovely dusky milky shade :)

  2. I love hey yall! Keep it! I've always wanted to be a southern belle too! This looks gorgeous on you. I think I might have to go snap it up!


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