Thursday, October 10, 2013

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick #75 "Forbidden Kiss"

If Snow White owned a lipstick, it would probably be Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick called Forbidden Kiss. This lipstick could not have had a more appropriate name. I definitely feel like I am Snow White with this lipstick on. The boldness and depth of the red lips brightens up my face. Who knows... maybe my Prince Charming himself chose this color out for me...

As Snow White was roaming through the "Cosmetic Company Outlet" Forest, she came across this shiny golden and red object. Out of curiosity, she opened it and smelled the rosy fragrance of the product. She decided to color her lips with this rouge colored stick and there and then Snow White discovered her statement lip. If only she knew then that generations of girly girls would venture on this same quest to find their perfect red statement lip and a Prince Charming too... of course!

I purchased this lipstick at the Cosmetic Company Outlet for about $18. An EL lipstick typically costs about $25. CCO's carry ESTEE LAUDER Company products, which includes MAC, BOBBI BROWN, and CLINIQUE products. The reason for the discounted price is because the Cosmetic Company Outlet mainly sells discontinued or limited edition or seasonal beauty products, but sometimes you do find permanent products. For instance, I have seen MAC lip conditioners and MAC black track fluid line gel liners sold at CCOs as well. Now, I am not sure whether Forbidden Kiss was a limited edition shade because I did not see it listed on the EL website. However, I did see a new product that may be similar - New Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick called Forbidden Apple. I would still ask an MUA at your local EL counter before giving up hope in case you do not have an outlet near you or the CCO near you does not carry this shade.

This lipstick is meant to have a lasting creme finish and it surely lives up to that promise. It glides on smoothly and stays in place. Of course reds do tend to smear, so be careful, but I never use a lip liner and I definitely felt like I had control when I was applying this one.

It lasts for a good portion of my day and fades into a stain after I have had a meal. I am not a fan of long wearing or stain sort of lipsticks, so the lasting power is not a major factor for me. I definitely would not like an $18 lipstick to wear off within half an hour and need constant reapplication, but this is definitely not like one of those cheap formulation lipsticks. This lasts a few hours, long enough for my day or night outing, and that suffices me. 

I have included four images so you all can have an idea of the color and its variations with in different lighting. I am not sure whether this has any prominent undertones. In my opinion, it is a pure red, but it is dark and bold, much deeper than a tomato or fire-engine or cherry-berry red, but not a vampy oxblood shade.  I cannot detect hints of plum, brown, magenta, purple, or burgundy. To state more succinctly, it is a maroon, but not a wine-burgandy shade. I think these images will give you a better concept of the color than my extensive, yet somewhat confusing description. 

This lipsticks looks, feels, and wears like a luxury lip product. Like I already mentioned it has a strong rosy scent, which I love, but some of you may not if you are sensitive to scents. The texture is so smooth and creamy, but the application is not messy. The color is a gorgeous dark red. It brightens your complexion and whitens your teeth. Overall, an "A+" lipstick and a must have for any red lip lover. 

Bisou bisou (kiss kiss) as a friend from France used to say... 

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