Monday, March 17, 2014

CLINIQUE Cheek POP Blush POP Blush in Ginger POP 01

Hey y'all! Happy Holi as well as St. Patrick's Day to those of you who celebrate these festive holidays.  

In my previous post I review Makeup Forever HD Blush in #420 Indian Rosewood (click here for review).  If, even after reading this post I wrote, you conclude that you would not feel comfortable wearing a creme blush, then here is an alternative for you. 

At first glance of the two blushes, I was reluctant to purchase both the MUFE blush and this Clinique blush, which is the topic of our "unilateral discussion" today.  I do think that the two shades I chose are quite similar and for this reason I was not certain whether I needed both.  However, the gluttonous beauty spirit within me enticed me to purchase both, especially given the fact that I had a 10% off VIB membership coupon.  I was awarded for shopping like a champion and reaching level two of three. Yay! 

I am not trying to convey the message that you must choose one over the other.  I am so happy with the quality of both products.  I do want to convey that the shade #420 Indian Rosewood in my previous post appears similar to Ginger Pop 01 on my cheeks.  Similar does not mean identical.  Once you read both posts and see the pictures, you will realize the unique beauty of each cheek product. 

Let us now focus on the featured product today: CLINIQUE Cheek Pop Blush Pop in Ginger Pop. 

What do I adore about this blush? Firstly, of all the blushes I own, this blush has surpassed them all in the staying power (longevity) category.  Secondly, the shade is gorgeous and absolutely ideal for my skin-tone.  This particular shade on my skin-tone provides a natural flushed look without compromising the "pop" effect.  When I feel like wearing a bold, warm-toned shade, such as a bright red or vivid orange, or even a neutral, nude shade, I like to wear this blush.  It really pulls the whole look together and makes a statement, but does not take the glory away from the partnering lip color.  Yesterday, I posted a picture of me wearing this blush with a bright tomato red lipstick on Instagram.  I would describe this shade as a warm-toned mixture of terra-cotta with coral.  This shade might have subtle yellow or brown undertones, which is probably the reason it suits my medium beige-olive complexion. Fortunately, the yellow tone does not shown through.  I had purchased MAC Mineralized Blush in Love Joy and in pictures I had a yellowed glow on my cheeks.  I didn't even bother to review it and returned it immediately.  Also, Ginger Pop is not as brown-based as #420 Indian Rosewood.  In fact, I think women with lighter complexion can use the latter as a cheek contouring product. Lastly, the beautiful packaging speaks for itself.  It is simply adorable and appropriate for the current season.  Other than the product's flower design, I like the clear acrylic-sort of outer packaging.  It does not attract finger prints. It is a refreshing change from the traditional black compacts, which have a mirror and/or a little applicator.  This blush fits in the palm of my hands and the product pan is small.  

Anything I dislike or recommend in regards to this blush? Initially, you may think that the color pay-off and pigmentation of this blush is not that great.  I thought this at first.  However, it is very easy to build-up the pigmentation on the cheeks.  If you are a fan of NARS blushes, then surely you might not be satisfied by the pigmentation here.  Personally, I have a tough time controlling the application of NARS blushes, so I really don't mind that I just need to do a couple extra swipes of this one.  I have been using an Elf Studio blush brush, which is also small in size and has a tapered or fanned shape.  I generously swirl my brush in this product and apply two layers to attain the effect y'all see in my picture at the end of this post.  Again, keep in mind that despite the fact that this blush is might be on the subtle end of the blush spectrum for some of you, the staying power is excellent.  I am quite certain that this is the blush I would like to wear on my wedding day. 

Availability and price? Are these blushes limited-edition or part of CLINIQUE's permanent line? 
The CLINIQUE Cheek Pop Blush Pop blushes are available for a limited time only.  These blushes cost $21 each.  I definitely recommend this product.  Meesha approved, stamped and sealed! 

I hope this post was informative and helpful. Your friendly comments are much appreciated. 
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  1. Oh lovely---you definitely found your wedding blush, you look SO radiant! After I saw the Insta picture, I went out and bought this, and I am not dissapointed, so thank you. Your review is so perfect and so accurately describes it...if you didn't already sell me, you would have sold me now!

  2. oh gosh did my comment not show up?? Ahh...Anyway, if it didn't, I don't exactly remember all of what it said, BUT I did get this blush in this shade after I saw in on you on Instagram and I love it. Also this post was fantastic :)

  3. The blush looks great on you! I think I have to pick one of these up! We have the same skintone, I like this shade on you! Great review :)

  4. This is gorgeous! And the color looks marvelous on you. You will be a beautiful bride! I've been seeing these blushes pop up everywhere and every one saying they are fantastic. I know I don't need another blush, but this might have to be an exception!

    Des | Simple Charm Beauty

  5. It's so pigmented and love the color on you! But I find the packaging a bit cheap for a high end product.

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog


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