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RIMMEL LONDON STAY BLUSHED LIQUID CHEEK TINT: Apricot Glow 005, Pop of Pink 001, Touch of Berry 002, and Sunkissed Cherry 004

Hey y'all! As a beauty enthusiast, trying out a new shades and different brands of lipstick or blush is generally exciting.  However, it is especially exciting to try out a new "concept" or "innovation" in the beauty world. 

In my opinion, the Rimmel London Stay Blush Liquid Cheek Tints are quite innovative.  Perhaps makeup artists or more experienced beauty bloggers than myself may have already tried a product such as these cheek tints, but for me its definitely the first time. 

I seem to only be capable of writing an extensive review on a product when my experience with or opinion of the product is in the intermediate or gray-zone.  When I am fully satisfied and happy or dissatisfied and regretful, then my reviews seem to be brief.  Well, not always, but let us continue with the review... 

What can I say? Well, let me begin by saying that I simply adore these cheek tints!  Sometimes I think that I really need to spice up my reviews, add a little "masala" to them. After all, I am Indian.  Instead of building up the suspense, I already gave y'all my conclusion. 

Availability / Price 
Thus far I have only spotted these at one of my local Walmarts. So, these might be hard to find for now.   The display at my local Walmart only had five shades.  I picked up four of the five with the assumption that the shade I opted not to buy would have been too light for my skin-tone.  These cheek tints are very affordable - about $2.99 each.  The price sort of surprised me.  After all, these tubes are the size of a typical lip gloss tube and drug-store lip glosses cost about $5 to $10 at a minimum.  I don't really compare or think about product price in terms of product quantity when it comes to makeup.  I care more for product quality when considering product price.  As far as quality is considered, the low price of these cheek tints blows me away in a good way. 

Considering the formula of the product, I like that these cheek tints come in a tube.  The tube is easy to squeeze and the product comes out nicely - no over flow, no excessive squeezing required.  The tube opening stays relatively clean.  I like the wash of color against the white background as the tube's external design.  The color scheme also gives you an idea of what cheek tint shade to expect.  These tubes are not sealed though, so I would remove the cap and check the tube opening to make sure that no one has tampered with it. 

Colors / Pigmentation / Scent 
The swatches in the pictures below are in the following order, your left to right: Apricot Glow (001), Pop of Pink (004), Sun-kissed Cherry (005), and Touch of Berry (002).  
These cheek tints have a beautiful, subtle rose-floral scent.  Personally, the scent reminds me of high-end makeup scents.  
My favorite two shades are Touch of Berry and Sun-kissed Cherry.  Sun-kissed Berry is a deeper version of Apricot Glow and Touch of Berry is a deeper version of Pop of Pink.

The pigmentation is demonstrated by the pictures below.  I used two pumps of the deeper two shade and three pumps of the lighter two shades to achieve the look I desired.  Of course I blended it out more on my face than I did on my arms.  The swatches on my arms are less blended out, so I can show the variation amongst the shades.  Now for your reference, I am one of those people that like a "pop of color" or "flushed" look rather than a very subtle wash of color.

The following picture shows the product when I initially squeezed it out of the tube.  Each drop equals one pump. 

Formula / Application / Staying Power 
I would describe the formula of these cheek tints as a mousse-gel hybrid.  I like to apply these cheek tints using my fingers.  It does not feel unhygienic to me.  I think using a stippling brush might over blend these cheek tints and misguide you into believing that these cheek tints are not nicely pigmented.   
Once applied on the cheeks, you may notice a very slight dewy appearance, but when you touch your cheeks, you will not feel any stickiness or tackiness.  Another feature of these cheek tints that blew me away was the staying power.  As you all know I don't wear face base makeup and despite the fact that I had nothing on to set this product in place, my cheeks stayed "tinted" for more than the average 
three to four hours.  Dare I say, the Touch of Berry cheek tint stayed on my cheeks for a seven hour drive.  Of course it gradually faded out and reapplication would be necessary for a fresher look, but it did not completely disappear.  I used two pumps of the product on each cheek. 

In the picture below I have blended out the cheek tints with my fingers.  These swatches below were captured in natural light. 

The following picture is taken with flash. 

In the picture below, I added a pinch more product to each swatch.  Pictures sometimes tend to wash out the effect of the colors.  This picture was taken in natural light. 

These cheek tints would be great for someone who does not have a lot of time to get ready in the morning.  The small size and ease of application, makes these cheek tints excellent for travel, carry-on luggage, to keep in your purse, touch up during a bathroom break, and in general on-the-go.  These days everyone seems like they are catchin' a train that they are extremely late for - huffin' and puffin' away. 

Whether you are a fan of creme blushes or not a fan, you may want to try these cheek tints.  Overall, these cheek tints are Meesha approved, stamped, and sealed!  Y'all know I only say this when I am very excited to share my thoughts on a product. 

I hope this post was informative and helpful. Your friendly comments are much appreciated. 
Come back soon. Thanks!
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  1. These look Iike great products!! I have never tried anything like these before. I love how cute they look though! Nice review :):)

  2. Omg look very beautiful, I must try !;)

  3. Yea I need to try these out! I saw them at my Walmart and was tempted to pick some up, but then I remembered a review I saw that said they weren't that pigmented. Looking back, that person used a stippling brush. So, now that I see that they are pretty pigmented, I will pick them up and use the finger method for application!

    Des | Simple Charm Beauty

  4. Ahh m dying to try these out! Never tried any cream blushes but these are super tempting! Cant wait for these to launch here

  5. I agree with you that these are great for people who are on the go! :) My favorite is apricot glow!

  6. they look really pretty ! love the cute look :) xx

  7. These are hard to find! I can not seem to get my hands on them! Great swatches, these would look gorgeous with a little highlighter overtop!


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