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Lipstick Queen is a cosmetic brand that has always caught my attention.  I first learned of this brand a from a shopping network website a few years ago.  My interest in makeup developed as I entered my undergraduate studies and I began researching different brands online.  I knew about brands such as Lipstick Queen and Bite Beauty before they were in the spotlight.  Now Lipstick Queen is available in select ULTA stores and Bite Beauty is sold at all Sephora stores.  Lately, the popular makeup enthusiasts on Youtube rave about both these brands.  I only wish I had joined the makeup blogging community earlier than I did because I feel like I had a lot to share back then, which has now caught on like wild-fire.  As a side note,  I have reviewed a few Bite Beauty lip products already, so in case you are interested here are the links: 

Anyway, let us get on with today's review.  I first heard about Lipstick Queen Jungle Queen on the "Musings of a Muse" blog (I adore Isabella).  I recall her saying that this color pulled more red on her than what she had anticipated.  Back when Isabella posted her review, I believe the Jungle Queen was not yet available in the U.S. So, I was awaiting its arrival eagerly even though I was reluctant to purchase it because I did not know how the color would appear on me. Of course I wanted it to be a fierce orange shade! Finally, I saw preview pictures of Jungle Queen on Lipstick Queen's Instagram page. Marketing experts obviously know how to entice consumers, but it still leaves me in awe how they know exactly how to get a person to buy their product. Lipstick Queen posted a picture of the Jungle Queen bullet against a leopard print background on Instagram and something about this image flipped a switch in my mind. "You must get this lipstick, Meesha!" Sadly, the brand name "Lipstick Queen" alone would allure someone like me. 

Lipstick Queen has two main lines of lipsticks in addition to her smaller lipstick collections. One line has opaque (90% pigment) lipsticks called Sinners and the other one consists of sheer lipsticks (10% pigment) called Saints. I have tested both forms of lipsticks on my hand in the store. The Saints lipsticks seemed too sheer for my liking and Sinners lipsticks felt dry.  I was tempted to purchase the nude shade, but I have a feeling it will look dry.  Most of the time lighter shades, like pinky-nudes, make my lips look very dry. I don't really know why this happens.  None of the other shades pleased me until Jungle Queen arrived.  

Lipstick Queen Jungle Queen is currently available at ULTA for $22. Jungle Queen is a gorgeous reddish orange lipstick. I am very happy with it.  If you are a fan of the current orange lip color trend and secretly hoard every red-orange or orange lip color that you come by, then you need to purchase this lip color.  If you like such a color on others, but feel shy to try it, then this is a good choice to test the waters.  Please refer to the pictures below to get an idea of the color. 

The best part of this lipstick is the formula.  I would describe this lipstick  as a translucent (think jam or jelly) gel-creme.  This lipstick is extremely pleasant to wear.  It feels like you are wearing a high-quality lip balm.  This may be a very bold statement, but other than my Fresh Sugar Lip Balm, this is the most comfortable wearing lip product I own.  For being such a buttery-smooth, creamy, moisturizing (not a treatment for dry lips) lipstick, the pigmentation of this lipstick is excellent and easily controllable (i.e., build up or keep it subtle).  In a nutshell, Jungle Queen is a must-have. 
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  1. This. I. Need! Thank you for this review! It's absolutely gorgeous, and so are you! By the way, are those your natural lashes? They look so long! I am envious! :P I hope you're doing well!

    1. Thank you. I am wearing Estee Lauder Sumptuous Lash mascara in the first picture, but no mascara in the second one. My lashes are long, but I wish I had more in amount, so sometimes I wear mascara for the volume and not so much for the length. Sigh. :)

  2. Your last picture is so adorable!!! Great review. I don't really care for the Saint/Sinner line, but I do love her individual releases. I was thinking about either this or one of the endless summer shades. Decisions, decisions, but this looks gorgeous on you!

    1. I left you a message on my IG... just in case you don't see it here.


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