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Liquid Lipsticks Extravaganza ft. Kylie Cosmetics, Tarte, The Balm Cosmetics, Maybelline, Gerard and more ... | ChaiTimewithMeesha

Hello, Beauties! Liquid lipsticks, specifically of the matte formulation, have acquired a large cult following of the masses. Cosmetic brands left and right, be they luxury, high-end, or drug-store, are releasing their version or interpretation of the perfect matte liquid lipstick formula.  Over the last few months, I have taken on the quest of testing out these matte liquid lipsticks from several brands for my beautiful Lipstick-Loving-Peeps.  On my YouTube channel and Instagram page, I have reviewed liquid lipsticks (matte and non-matte) from brands such as Kylie Cosmetics, Girlactik, Dose of Colors, Giorgio Armani, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte, Milani, Revlon, Maybelline, NYX, The Balm, Colour Pop, and Dior.  And there is more to follow soon! 

Let us take a slight drive down memory lane, shall we? If y'all prefer to skip ahead to the next paragraph, then please feel free to do so.  My blog is a diary of sorts and I like my posts to be somewhat personal in nature.  Some of you may consider it off-tangent or long-winded... Well, y'all have been warned! Liquid lipsticks were present in the market ever since and even before my curiosity and love for makeup developed. I think I was in the final year of high-school, preparing myself for occasions like senior prom and graduation, when I began experimenting with makeup. Some of my peers had already started wearing a full face of makeup back then, but thanks to my parents (I really do appreciate their strictness today) I did not dare wear anything more than my mother's lipsticks.  Anyway, I fondly remember the evening my mom took me makeup shopping for these two special occasions.  She bought be a coppery gold eyeshadow by L'Oreal and a baby pink blush by Physician's Formula.  My mom's policy was that there is a time and place for everything. She discouraged impulsiveness because she believed that it created insatiable expectations, which ultimately result in dissatisfaction and disdain.  Today, thanks to my mom, I feel very comfortable without makeup and don't feel the need to use it as a guard, but rather to make myself feel dolled-up once in a while for outings, occasions, and filming.  I love you, my Momma Bear.  

I was never a fan of lip gloss because it was too sheer for my liking, but liquid lipsticks - basically glosses with the pigmentation of an opaque lipstick really intrigued me.  Well, there were three types of liquid lipsticks back then: opaque glossy, which didn't stay in place; opaque patent-shine lacquers, which felt too tacky; and matte, ultra drying ones called "stains," which were paired with clear balms to make them feel more comfortable (they really were not the least bit comfortable though).  I shall label these "Originals." The weak points of these opaque glosses and lacquers was that they were not lightweight, felt sticky like honey or oil, and transferred everywhere possible.  The stains, on the other hand, were so drying that my lips look abnormally wrinkly (given my age) and felt itchy, hot, and irritated. Although I do really like some creamy liquid lipsticks at present (ex., Too Faced Chocolate Honey), I prefer the semi-matte liquid lipsticks, which set to a flat, matte finish and are not drying. I don't care to compromise on the staying power and transfer-proof features because I like to remove my lipstick prior to eating anyway.  Even liquid lipsticks that are transfer-proof and long-wearing breakdown near the inner portion of the lips while consuming foods with an oil base and that are generally not dry.  

The first few Originals I tried were from two brands at Kohl's called Flirt and American Beauty and drug-store brands such as Covergirl and Maybelline.  Back then I thought a store like Sephora and makeup counters in department stores, like Macy's were for the high-society people.  Now social media has changed the demographics for brands as a new, fast-paced affordable medium for advertising.  There are so many baby brands on the rise, like Colour Pop, merely two years old and competing with a long time established high-end brand such as MAC Cosmetics.  Now Kohl's carries prestige brands on which coupons cannot be used.  Drugstore prices have sneakily increased, but coupons justify the margin in the minds of the consumer.  Anyway, my point is that I tried what was affordable back then, but the quality might not have been ideal.  

While in college, I recall trying one of the Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks (another Original) in the popular shade Patina and it was so drying that I absolutely hated it.  More recently, during law school I had contemplated purchasing the very famous Lolita by Kat Von D and it was also so trying that I decided not to commit to it.  In a nutshell, my impression of liquid lipsticks was bad - a strong dislike! I decided that my lips were simply too delicate for these super drying lipsticks.  I could not fathom why anyone enjoyed wearing them.  

The majority of matte liquid lipsticks that are surfacing today are much better than the "Originals" I described above.  My new perception, "where have you been all my makeup-loving life?"  I am guilty of completely shafting "those regular lipsticks" at the moment.  Most of my lipstick collection is being neglected because I am so intrigued by these liquid lipsticks.  The biggest selling point of liquid lipsticks for me is the way they set into a flat, velvet like, deepened version of the liquid.  So without further ado, I would like to share my reviews of many new Liquid Lipsticks, which I am calling the "Liquid Lipstick Extravaganza" (listed/linked below).  

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