Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure • Yummy Yam

Although we are now approaching the tail end of winter and the beauty trend gods might be shaking their heads at me, I must share this gorgeous nail color called Yummy Yam by Sally Hansen. As I admire Yummy Yam on my nails, the shade reminds me of a blend of sweet butternut squash, pure saffron water, deep turmeric spice, warm pumpkin spice, and dirty honey-mustard.  Doesn't that all sound so warm, spicy, and delicious? 

Yummy Yam reminds me of a lot of China Glaze's Dessert Sun (Fall 2012), but a tad warmer and less yellow.  As we move into Spring and Summer, which entails pastels, neons, and brights, a mustard manicure can be a super chic, subtle accent to a loud color-block or floral themed outfit. Would you agree? I think it is all about marketing really.  A brand could release this very same shade next month and called it Honeycomb or Golden Honey or Sweet Tea (why is honey on my mind or have I become a true Southern belle now) and y'all would want it! 

Besides being such a unique shade, Yummy Yam has an exquisite formula.  I applied two clean coats, which is the norm for a good creme formula and to achieve an evened out appearance.  As with any polish, it is best to wait for the first coat to set a bit before applying a second coat as to not disturb the first coat.  

I am well aware that stores are beginning to clear out the Autumn/Winter inventory to make space for Spring pastels.  However, a few Autumn/Winter shades remain, defying seasonal-color "rules".  For instance, the popularity of the spectrum of brown and pinky-mauve (boring) shades has spread like wild-fire and these shades have acquired a cult-following, making them timeless ... oh I mean "seasonal-less." 

As I write this review, I hope that y'all can still find this shade in stores.  This collection came out at some point in November so it has been out for a few months now.  I purchased mine back in late December from Bed, Bath, & Beyond Harmon's.  I didn't spot Yummy Yam at my other "usual" local beauty / drug-stores, such as ULTA, Walgreens, CVS, or Target.  I suggest checking the clearance bins at this point.  In my experience, TJ MAXX and Marshall's sometimes carry seasonal Sally Hansen's nail colors towards the end of the season and at most likely at a discounted price. (Update 02/24/16 - spotted Yummy Yam at one of my local CVS stores, which means it is still out there.) Happy Hunting, beauties!

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  1. This is such a gorgeous shade on you, Meesha. I agree, there are no rules and I can see this being really funky in the spring and summer too!


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