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Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum Review and Demo

Rose is a scent and flavor that I associate with luxury and specialty products.  Rose macaroons.  Rose milk.  Rose tea. Rose ice cream.  Rose water. Rose fragrance.  Chanel lipstick.   Well, I think I have made my love for things entailing roses evident.  Recently, I was watching a few beauty/skincare themed videos on YouTube and discovered the existence of “Rosehip Oil.”  Obviously, I wanted to try this amazing Rosehip Oil for myself.  Immediately I began Google searching Rosehip Oil.  At this point, I was already in the process of searching for a facial oil and serum with preventative benefits. 

I am in my mid-twenties so anti-aging products were not necessarily on my radar till recently.  Surpassing 25 suddenly makes me feel like I cannot take my health and physical well being for granted anymore.  I will give y’all an idea of my facial complexion.  I did have mild acne when I was in high school, which left my cheeks scarred.  Even now my occasional breakouts leave behind scars.  For being acne-prone, I don’t have oily skin.  My face complexion is normal-sensitive with some dry patches during the winter months and normal-sensitive with minimally oily t-zone during the summer months.   Having a clear, bright, hydrated, and even-toned complexion is very important for me, especially because I do not like to wear base makeup and would never like myself to become dependent on wearing base makeup.  I want to be comfortable in my own fresh skin! 

My mother, who is a physician, taught me from a young age that less is more.  She instilled in me the importance of keeping my face well cleansed and hydrated, using minimal makeup, and not irritating my face by using too many products.  My skincare regiment involves cleansing my face with a mild cleanser (while in high school I did use cleansers with salicylic acid/acne treatment, but stopped using such cleansers because they dried out my face), hydrators (essence-sprays, moisturizer, sheet-masks), steam, and very occasionally I also use clay-based masks and gentle exfoliating scrubs.  If I do wear a CC cream or sunscreen, I double cleanse my face using an oil cleanser followed by a simple cleanser.

After reading a bit about Rosehip Oil, I learned that it is a dry oil, which means that it sinks into the skin faster and does not leave a greasy residue.  This, other than the fact that I love anything rose-themed, caught my attention.  Currently, facial oils are hot in the beauty world.  I have sampled quite a few, but have not committed to any for three reasons – steep price point, greasy residue/texture, and strong fragrance.  The facial oils in the market seem more synthetic and cosmetic than intrinsically beneficial for our skin’s health.  Another factor that impressed me about Rosehip Oil is that it is a milder oil, making it well suited for people with sensitive skin. 

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to try out a serum consisting of Rosehip Seed Oil and Rose Damascena Oil via Brand Backer.  The serum – Royal Rose Hydrating Serum - is by a natural, vegan and cruelty free brand called Valentia.  The Royal Rose Serum consists of amazing beneficial and naturally occurring ingredients, such as Niacinamide/Vitamin B, Evening Primrose Oil, and Lavender. These ingredients have healing and hydrating properties.  This serum claims to “deeply moisturize skin, provide antioxidant protection, soothe and nourish dry skin, smooth skin tone & texture, and boost skin radiance.”

I have been using Valentia’s Royal Rose Hydrating Serum for about a week now and would like to share my impression of it thus far.  First, this serum did not irritate my skin.  My skin reacts very quickly.  It becomes irritated very easily – slightest exposure to sunlight or dust or for no reason at all.  One of the reasons the serums and oils I have experimented with thus far have not worked out for me is because my pores become clogged and I breakout immediately. 

Although I am not a chemist, it is my understanding that many serums contain dimethicone, which is a silicon-based substance used to give a “smooth and moisturized” appearance to the skin. However, dimethicone also clogs your pores and hence I was always turned-off by serums containing it. I was impressed that Valentia’s serum does not contain dimethicone. Additionally, it is also alcohol-free and paraben-free.

Second, this serum sinks into the skin very quickly. I feel tempted to apply more because of how fast it dries once I apply it onto my cheeks.  I use a pump per area of my face - cheeks, forehead, and chin/neck area.  I layer my moisturizer on top of this serum, but I do not feel like this serum exceptionally moisturizes my skin.  In other words, I do not feel like it made my face feel any more moisturized than it feels when I wear my moisturizer alone.  I do want to note that this serum is moisturizing, but not enough on its own. 

I have also tested this serum on my hands as well, which tend to feel dry while my face is more normal as I mentioned above. When I apply this serum to my hands, the dry areas feel smoother and conditioned.  This effect is temporary.  Once I wash my hands or a few hours pass by, I feet the need to re-moisturize, and I am not one who suffers from unusually dry skin.  This serum does give off a nice smooth appearance to my skin – be it my face or hands.  It wore well under my CC cream, blush, contour powder, etc. on the days I chose to wear makeup. 

Third, this serum does not have an overwhelming or off-putting fragrance; it has a very subtle natural rose scent.  Lastly, it does not feel tacky or sticky.  In fact, it feels like a cooling, water-based, gel lotion – very lightweight.  Personally, I would recommend this serum for people with normal, sensitive, and combination/oily skin-types.  In my opinion, it is not hydrating enough for individuals with dry to very dry skin.  Again, this is a serum/treatment and shouldn’t be mistaken for a moisturizer, lotion, or cream. 

Other than being a very natural product, Valentia’s Royal Rose Hydrating Serum stood out to me because of its affordable price-point ($35/1.18 FL.OZ.). Like I mentioned above, skincare products like facial oils and serums are so expensive ($50 - $100+), which does not necessarily fit into everyone’s budget.  Skincare is more about beneficial ingredients, preventative measures, and biology/chemistry rather than brand names, labels, and the luxe appeal.   This price point is ideal for those of us who are just starting to dip our toes into skincare products and developing a skincare regiment. 

Over time and continued use, I hope that the Royal Rose Hydrating Serum lightens my acne scars and evens out the texture of my face.   Although aging is inevitable, dry skin, along with dry air, poor diet, environmental stressors, and mental stress are all cultivators of aging.  So hydrated skin is key to preventing your skin from aging abnormally. 

Disclaimer: I would like to thank Valentia and Brandbacker for providing press sample for this post.

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