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HASK Bamboo Oil Collection: Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Oil, and Deep-Conditioner | Review

I am always weary of experimenting with hair and skin care.   I cannot believe I am saying this because I am so attached to my lipstick and blush collection, but makeup - in my humble opinion - is not a necessity.  Makeup is an accessory or luxury, which enables us to accentuate our natural features for the better.  However, hair and skin care involves our health and reflects upon our personal hygiene.  Healthy hair and skin is the root or canvas.  For example, blush is not going to look appealing if one’s skin is dehydrated.  Hair and skin care products are a staple in our daily regiment, hence a necessity and long-term investment. 

Moreover, it is also expensive to experiment with hair and skin care products. For example, a high-end brand’s 8 to 12 OZ. bottle of shampoo can cost anywhere from $15-30 and if you don’t up liking the shampoo, then you end up with a glorified $15-30 ‘soap-for-random-household-cleaning’ at the best and have to go through the tedious process of finding another “good” shampoo, purchasing and re-risking the $15-30 until you’ve found the perfect match for your hair and skin type.  For this reason, I am really excited to share my review of the new Bamboo Oil collection by HASK. 

HASK is available at many retailers, such as ULTA Beauty, Target, and Harmon’s (Bed, Bath & Beyond).  First off, let me tell you the prices and knock your socks off!  HASK Bamboo Oil shampoo and conditioner costs $5.99 each for 12 OZ (Yes, I did say 12 OZ.). This collection includes Bamboo Styling Oil, which comes in a travel-friendly vial size, with 0.62 OZ. for $2.99 as well as a Deep Conditioner, which comes in a packet, with 1.75 OZ. for $2.99.  I do wish the Bamboo Oil deep conditioner came in a tube form like the other HASK deep conditioners. I have noticed that HASK is on sale occasionally (buy one, get one 50% off or buy two, get one free) at ULTA and Harmon’s.  Additionally, the “drugstore / non-prestige” ULTA coupon ($3.50 off of $15) is applicable on HASK products at ULTA.  So pro point number one is that HASK will not be a hard hit on your wallet and it is easily accessible (at least for US residents). 

HASK’s Bamboo Oil collection is part of its Exotic Oil Hair Collection, which is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol, and artificial colors.  Whether you need strengthening (Bamboo Oil), color protection (Kalahari), clarifying (Charcoal), nourishing (Monoi Coconut Oil), smoothing (Keratin Protein), or repairing (Argan Oil), HASK has an option for you.  Wow, right? I’ll take one of each, please and thank you!  In fact, HASK’s very reasonable drugstore price point, while maintaining quality and ingredients akin to high-end brands, makes it possible for someone who wants to buy three different shampoos or conditioners for three different hair care concerns and desires variety and rotation of products. 

I am not the only one who fell in love with HASK’s Bamboo Oil shampoo and conditioner, but also my mom, hubby, mom-in-law, and a friend.  My HASK shampoo and conditioner moved from one bathroom to the other, family members waiting their turn to shower (even though we have more than one bathroom) because everyone desired to pamper-wash their hair with the Bamboo Oil shampoo. “Hey! I’m going for a shower now. Meesha where’s that shampoo… the HASK one!”  My mom loved the shampoo because she said it made her hair look very shiny and smooth, but not greasy or weighed down.  My hubby enjoyed using the HASK shampoo because he experienced less hair fall (he uses gel or pomade occasionally which makes his hair dry/brittle and more vulnerable to breakage) and he found it very effective in removing dandruff (he has a minimal amount, nothing intense); he said his hair felt clean even if he washed it every other day.  My friend, who has thick, curly/wavy, and naturally frizzy hair, like mine, found it made her hair “very soft” and she added that it smells great.

A brand that can maintain excellent quality and effectiveness, while offering a practical price range is remarkable in my perspective as a consumer.  When I first used the shampoo, I felt like I was washing my hair with a luxury, salon brand shampoo.  When I Goggle searched the shampoo’s price, I was expecting it to cost anywhere between $15-30. I was shocked by the actual, rather affordable price. I noted that I did not have to use much in amount, as in not more than one palm-full (palm of your hand) of the shampoo and conditioner.  Mind you, my hair is thick, voluminous, wavy, and long - touching my hips.  For me using three palm-full of shampoo to get a nice lather or cover my hair in conditioner is not surprising. 

Affordability aside, one of the main features I look for in a shampoo and conditioner is that they must be sulfate-free and alcohol-free. I get my hair keratin-treated once or twice in a calendar year.  Instead of spending money on heat tools or endless number hair styling products such as mousse, gel, hairspray, crème, serums, etc., I invest in keratin conditioning treatments (not one that straightens or relaxes, but conditions and improves health of hair).  In order for me to maintain the effect of the keratin treatment in my hair, I have to use an excellent shampoo and conditioner that not only maintains the presence of this treatment, but also adds to it. 

Even though the keratin conditioning treatment is the fundamental reason for the smooth and frizz-free healthy texture of my hair, I still experience minimal frizz and my hair just doesn’t feel or style that well unless I am using a good-quality shampoo and condition, which would help maintain that treatment in my hair.   

I don’t want y’all to think that I like the HASK Bamboo Oil line only because my hair is in a healthier condition due to the keratin treatment.  My mom, hubby, and friend love the HASK Bamboo Oil shampoo and conditioner as much as I do and they have never had a keratin or conditioning treatment done.  In fact, my mom has straight, somewhat oily, and thick, yet weighed down hair, while my hubby has normal straight hair, and my friend’s hair is more like mine (without the keratin treatment).  So five people here, with different hair-types and concerns, all enjoyed using HASK and would repurchase it.  My two favorites from the Bamboo Oil collection are definitely the shampoo and deep-conditioner.  I find my results comparable (dare I say the same if not better) to my experience with popular, high-end, pro-salon brands such as Pureology, Sexy Hair, Alterna, and Living Proof and even a drugstore favorite, such as OGX.  

The Bamboo Shine Oil in the vial is nice to take on-the-go in case your hair is feeling dry or frizzy because of the weather or environmental stressors and needs a little touch-up.  I mainly use hair-oils to style and add shine. This is not a heavy or greasy oil (unless you use half the vial of course) so I believe it is better suited for styling your hair rather than as a hair conditioning treatment or over-night hair mask.  For example, I use the oil once after towel-drying and to prepare it for air-dry.  It helps my hair waves stay in place as my hair takes hours to dry naturally and adds a healthy, non-oily shine.  The conditioner is ideal for someone who needs good conditioning, but too much conditioner makes their hair "limp".  Alternatively, try the deep-conditioner if you have a lot of thick, coarse, dry, and quite frizzy, usually wavy and curly hair.  

I hope y'all found this review helpful and that perhaps HASK Bamboo Oil collection items are hair-care miracle you have been looking for. 

FTC Disclaimer: I would like to thank HASK and Brandbacker for providing press sample for this post.
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