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When Revitalizing Face Sheet Masks: Glamour Base, 10 PM, and The Last Choice | Review

Sheet masks are the new “hot” skincare product.  I have noticed that many people, once-upon-a-time including myself, are unfamiliar with the functionality of a sheet mask.  Before I finally tried a sheet-mask, I was under the false impression that a sheet-mask and peel-off mask are the same – a product giving you utmost pleasure as you peel it off your face and see all the grime and dirt transfer onto the sheet/peeled mask.  What is it this sheet mask supposed to do for my skin? Is it worth the investment? A one-time use product for $7 – is it worth it?

I have tested out quite a few brands and versions of sheets masks (Tony Moly (ranging from $1, $3.75, $8, to $10), Sephora Brand ($6), etc.) over the last few months.  Of all the ones I have tried thus far, I have to say that the When sheet masks are my favorite.  So why do I recommend sheet-masks, especially When’s sheet masks?

I had the exciting opportunity to try out three types of sheet masks from When: 10 PM, Glamour Base, and The Last Choice.  The When sheet masks focus on treating fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, and uneven skin-tone.  The key ingredients in all three types of these masks are coconut and hyaluronic acid amongst other skin-nourishing ingredients. 

The first feature I noticed about the When masks was its weight, thick gel like texture, and adhering power.  As I adjusted the mask on my face, it clung onto my face very nicely.  It did not feel slimy or tacky yet it adhered onto my face effortlessly.  In fact I did not have to lie down.  I was sitting up watching YouTube and the masks stayed on so nicely.  Second feature I loved about these masks was that they felt so cooling and fresh, as if my face was on vacation.  Imagine being on the beach on a warm day with a cool breeze sipping an icy beverage.  That is exactly how my face was feeling while I was testing out these sheet masks.  Lastly, I the serum from the sheet-masks absorbed into my skin so nicely, making it feel awakened, relaxed, fresh, firm, hydrated, plumped, soft and supple.  Basically, my face felt as smooth and gel-like as the bio-cellulose sheet itself!  Now imagine putting makeup on such a smooth canvas or going to sleep like a baby after your face feels this soothed. 

In a nutshell, sheet masks are vacation, a pampering treat for you face/skin. Our skin needs a break or a treat too after spending long hours protecting us from environmental stressors such as UV rays, pollution, irritants, allergens, etc.  It needs a thirst quenching drink of good old Vitamin C just as we would crave lemonade or orange juice after a workout or hectic day. 

The When sheet masks are ideal for tired and environmentally stressed facial skin.   I will definitely be re-purchasing them. 

FTC Disclaimer: I would like to thank When and Brandbacker for providing press sample for this post.
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  1. OOH! I am glad you liked them as well! I love these masks! They are so high quality and I love the bio-cellulose. Feels gross for a second but then works so well!


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