Thursday, April 18, 2013

Essie Nail Polish in Butler Please

I finally gave it a try - Essie's Butler Please. I knew I shouldn't have, but it is human nature to be curious and try the unknown even when you know you will not like it in the end. Essie's Butler Please is a beautiful cobalt blue shade. It is definitely a trendy shade along with the celebrity cobalt blue colored skinny jeans and high-low sheer button down shirts. Here now and it will be gone tomorrow. Of course like any fashion and beauty enthusiast, I wanted to join the trendy and stylish folks, so I purchased Essie's Butler Please. I could have bought the cheaper alternative, Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Hard as Nails Pacific Blue ($2.99), but I didn't realize the similarity until after I purchased this one for about $6.59 on sale. 

My problem with this nail polish was the formula and application. Maybe I picked up a defective bottle, but this polish smelled awful like an intense chemical fusion. The formula was extremely thick, gooey, and sticky, like old paint. This polish applied streaky and patchy from the onset through multiple coats. In order for me to take these pictures, I had to pile it on instead of paint it on. I added Essie's Good to Go top coat to add shine because this polish dried matte and looked drab. Of course I returned it and exchange it for another polish I had wanted to try. I didn't repurchase it because I was skeptical of every aspect of this polish - color, formula, and application. The color just did not sit well with me. I felt like I dipped my fingers in a kindergartener's watercolors. I feel like I like the classy colors more, like red and nude browns. If at all I step outside the comfort zone to lilacs and soft pastels, I select soft and soothing or lady-like and warm shades. 

I cannot vouch for the longevity of this polish because I removed it only minutes after applying it and taking these pictures. I suppose cobalt blue nails and red orange lips is not in the cards for me this season. Sigh! Well, I hope you all found this review helpful. If you do like this color, I would give Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue a try first. I have definitely had good luck with the formulation and application of those particular Sally Hansen polishes and they are an affordable option.

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  1. Great color! I'm so fair that cobalt blue would not look good on me, but it looks awesome on you!

    Simple Charm Beauty

  2. Love blue polishes and I keep buying and wearing them the most, but I just had the same problem with St Lucia Lilac. I practically had to hold the bottle upside down over each nail to get a semblance of non-streaky opaqueness. C'mon Essie!
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  3. I actually think this colour is amazing. Shame about the formula though; Essie is so hit and miss.

  4. It sounds like a defective bottle. I've gad streaky Essie's before but never that bad!! That really sucks!! Great review dear :)

    Ps-you have a very cute blog!! Following!!

  5. Thank for the comment Meesha! I find that with almost every bottle of essie... at least for all the bright colored ones. They leave streaks and are so thin that I need at least 3-4 coats to get an even color! Just disappointing. I think my favorite nail polish is still OPI and Sally Hansen :)

    thanks for visiting my blog!


  6. I had some similar issues with that color when doing swatches. It definitely needed multiple coats and dried to a more matte finish. Good to know there's a dupe in the Sally Hansen though!


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