Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Long Wear Nail Enamel in Coastal Surf

As some of you know, I recently hauled a bunch of nail colors. I have never before bought a bunch of beauty products all at once within a couple of weeks and posted up a haul, so I wasn't sure whether or not to post swatches. I thought about buying a color wheel and swatching the nail colors, but I much prefer seeing shades on someone's hand rather than multiple shades on a color wheel. I feel like I can never tell whether or not I truly like a shade unless I see it worn on the hands. Unfortunately, this may be harmful for my nails in the long run to change my manicures on a  weekly basis. To compromise for the health of my nails, sometimes for long stretches of time, I won't wear nail polish. I am not sure why, but sometimes I start off my posts with a tangent topic. Eventually I realize I have to review a product. So, today I am presenting Revlon's Coastal Surf from the Colorstay Longwear line. 

*** Revlon's Coastal Surf *** 

Color: I really like some bright statement polishes, but as soon as I actually wear it, I get a weird feeling like I dipped my fingernails in paint. This shade was a bit outside my comfort zone. It reminds me of purely blue turquoise. It reminds me of the time I traveled to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas with my parents, where my mom and I purchased some hand-made turquoise silver jewelry at a Native American tribe exhibition. I feel like sometimes there is a story or memory or meaning behind many things I like to wear. I suppose that must be my "style"! 

Formula: Creme finish. Superb consistency! This is not a sheer, runny, or heavy polish. I applied top coat to add a little shine. I have noticed that the blue creme polishes I have tried are not very glossy, almost a semi-matter, and require top coat in order to avoid a flat look. 

Application: Applies easily with the pro style "U" shaped brush. I used two coats. Many people may only need one coat. This polish applies opaque and non-streaky in a single coat. 

Longevity: I cannot review the longevity of this polish because I removed it after wearing it for a couple of days. I must add that I have observed chipping on my index and middle fingers with most of my nail polishes after wearing them for more than a three or four days. 

Price: $5 - $8 (USD) 

What makes Colorstay different from the regular Revlon polishes? 
1. Pro "U" shaped brush. I love this type of a brush because it gives you so much control and aligns well with the shape of fingernails. 
2. Most, but not all of course, Colorstay polishes I took a look at seemed to have a stronger consistency than the regular polishes. I don't know if this makes any sense, but the regular polishes in comparison to the Colorstay polishes seem weaker or watered down in consistency. 

What are the claims made by Revlon? 
I found this language on the Revlon website:
"Up to 11 days of lasting color* and gel-like shine in 30 easy to remove shades. No light required. *When worn with Colorstay™ base & top coats. "
I have not tried the Colorstay top coat or base coat. 

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product. I myself don't think I will wear this polish too often, but that is because of the boldness and brightness of the color. Otherwise, the formula is absolutely lovely. 

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  1. I love blue polish in any size, shade or form(ula), I have a million almost-same-blues, lol. Thanks for your lovely comment! Gramps had an ultrasound today and it looks enlarged. He's seeing a specialist on Friday. We're praying there is no "C", but just an infection or something.

  2. OMG,this color is so beautiful.*__*
    I like your blog. Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. Thank you so much for the follow,dear.^^
    Follow you back on bloglovin and gfc,too.
    Lovely greets,hope you visit my blog again...

  4. Believe it or not but i switch up my nail polish every 4 or so days even if it is not chipped!
    I get bored quickly with my nails ;) but despite that they are still healthy every time i take the polish off. Maybe its because i drink a lot of milk or maybe its because i use an acetone free nail polish? i dont know....Ive never had a problem with unhealthy nails but i guess everyone is different!


  5. This is such a beautiful colour! I haven't tried any of the polishes in this line but I love Revlon's regular nail polishes.

  6. The color goes great with your skin tone! xo

  7. Beautiful color!!! would you like to follow each other with GFc and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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