Saturday, April 6, 2013

REVIEW: L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lip Colors and L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balms SPF 15

I was happy to hear from some of you in regards to my first makeup haul post and so glad that you all enjoyed reading about it. I know that the most helpful part of showing products is swatching the shades. So, today I will be reviewing and swatching some L'Oreal lip products. 

First, let us take a look at L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balms. 

The packaging of the lip balms is very girly and cute as you can see. I really like the colored translucent tops with the golden bottoms. The lipsticks are sort of rectangular, not rounded or an odd shape, which would make them otherwise tedious to store. 

Pros / Cons
The best feature of these lip balms is their vanilla or cupcake, dessert-like scent. I also appreciate that these lip balms do have a little bit of sun protection (SPF 15), which is very important to me and I would highly recommend protecting your lips from sun rays to everyone. Sadly, I wish I had not purchased these lip balms at all. I cannot justify purchasing four lip balms and not getting an actual balm or anything worthwhile for that matter. The so-called balms did not moisturize or condition my lips. In fact, these balms didn't even add a shine to my lips. My lips felt drier after I tried these out. Lastly, the pigmentation on these is quite sheer to non-existent. Legally Regal and Plush Plum were slightly pigmented, while Tender Mauve and Caramel Comfort made my lips look white and grainy. I am saving my receipt and returning Tender Mauve and Caramel Comfort. I will keep Legally Regal and Plush Plum to wear underneath more pigmented lip colors to add a little sheen. There is no question of longevity here. These just seemed to absorb into my lips within minutes.


 Caramel Comfort, Tender Mauve

Plush Plum, Legally Regal

Legally Regal (milky lilac pastel) *Part of the New Limited Edition Versailles Romance Pastels Spring 2013 Collection 

Legally Regal underneath Chanel's Culte - I was so excited about this color as you all know how much I adore lilac and lavender shades. It is definitely pigmented lip color as you can see from the picture above, but it does not look normal. It appears streaky and as if I just ate a purple powdered sugar donut. I have paired Legally Regal with some of my lipsticks, like Chanel Culte, Bite Pepper, and Sonia Kashuk Sheer Plum for a Spring lilac-lavender-pink look. 

Plush Plum (sheer rosy pink) 

Tender Mauve (milky whited-out pink)

Caramel Comfort (milky golden nude) 

Lastly, saving the best ones for last are L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lipsticks

The packaging here is not very interesting or cute like the lip balms above. I like small, compact, study, and colorful or classy back packaging. I don't like this sort of light gold reflective plastic tubes. It looks cheap and tacky like plastic mental colored silverware. 

Pros / Cons 
I found these lipsticks more comfortable and moisturizing. My lips did not feel dry or cracked after these two wore off. Although these are sheer shades, the colors are significantly buildable. I particularly love the two shades I decided to purchase. These lip colors smell like vanilla cupcakes too. I find that for being an emollient product these stay on my lips for as long as any of my other lipsticks (on average two hours) and fade into subtle stains. These lip colors are great for someone who doesn't like lipsticks because they feel too heavy and pigmented and wants something lightweight, shiny, and colorful without the sticky mess of a gloss. I feel like this is an ideal lip product for day-to-day wear. I am definitely glad I have added these two lip colors to my collection and would highly recommend that you all gives these a try. If only these had sun protection, then L'Oreal would have had no need for those useless lip balms. I suppose for them it is about creating different products for all of the consumers with their unique tastes all around the world. Dear "Whom Ever it May Concern" at L'Oreal, if you are reading my post, please add SPF and slightly more colors to your Caresse range. Thank you! 


Rose Taffeta (blue-toned deep baby pink) 

Silky Java (chocolatey mauve pink) 

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  1. Hey! Thanks so much for your kind message on my last post. We have to wait till Tuesday to double check the results, and then see a doctor. I hate waiting! Will return to my usual blog-thusiasm once am feeling a bit better. Thanks again for the support!
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  2. silky java is such a gorgeous color!
    definitely would pick that one up if i see it
    thanks for the swatches :)

    xo; L&M

  3. Rose Tfetta and silky java look lovely!
    Btw u can get rid of the verification by clicking on the settings button below the template button on your blogger dashboard, and then go to posts and comments options and there u have it.. I also recently got to know about this from a friend..

  4. I think the balms don't look that bad on your lips. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with them. :( I bought the Balm in Legally Regal as well but haven't tried it yet. It's in my "to try" pile...

  5. i own Rose Tafetta.... but i guess it suits you more than me!!


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