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Revlon Super Lustrous "Shine" Lipsticks - Berry Couture, Fuchsia Shock, Plum Velour, Honey Bare, & Pink Cognito

A Lip Product Review!
Today I am sharing my review of the new addition of lipsticks to the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick collection. Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick line includes two formulas: creme and pearl. In India, I found a velvet-matte formula as well. Recently, a new formula/finish was added to this range of lipsticks: shine. I have spotted the Revlon Super Lustrous Shine lipsticks in several stores - Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and ULTA. I noticed that the price of these lipsticks varies from one store to another. At Target, these lipsticks are sold for $5.99 (minus tax). On the other hand, Walmart is selling the lipsticks for $4.94 (tax). At Walgreens and ULTA, these lipsticks are priced at $7.99. Walgreens and ULTA has had a "buy one, get one half off" deal on these lipsticks since their release in late May. I would highly recommend shopping for drug-store makeup at ULTA. ULTA always has weekly or monthly deals running on certain drug-store brands like Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Rimmel, and NYX. On top of that you can often use a coupon or earn points through the ULTA rewards program. In absence of these deals and promos, Walmart and Target is always the safe bet. 

I really enjoyed writing a review on the Rimmel London Show Off Lacquers. I even got a little too creative with my pictures for demonstrating the different colors. Sadly, I am not feeling a pinch of enthusiasm for the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks. I was seriously disappointed by this lip product. 

Let me start off with my one and only positive note regarding this lip product: it's affordability. Drug-store makeup is becoming expensive day by day, but thankfully this lipstick can be purchased for less than $5 or about the same price as a Starbucks frappe grande. 

The Revlon Super Lustrous Shine color range is mediocre. The collection includes light, bright, and deep shades. I purchased colors across the range. Berry Couture and Fuchsia Shock are very similar. Both are medium blue toned pinks, but Fuchsia Shock has a blue sheen, while Berry Couture only has a blue undertone. Some of these shine lipsticks have an apparent sheen while other colors look creamy. Plum Velour looks like a deep grape wine color in dim light. In day light, Plum Velour looks like a sheer wash of blackened berry pink. Honey Bare and Pink Cognito are also similar shades. On my lips, Pink Cognito did not show up at all. It just added a slight sheen to my lips. I would not even compare it to the amount of sheen a lip balm would provide. When I wore Honey Bare, my Honey Bear told me that this shade made me look pale and sick. Apparently, my pink blush and this whitish caramel lip color created an oxymoron look. 

I saved my receipt and returned Fuchsia Shock, Honey Bare, and Pink Cognito. I decided to keep Berry Couture and Plum Velour because I do like these two shades a lot. The pigmentation of these lipsticks is decent with the exception of Honey Bare and Pink Cognito of course. I did not expect full opacity because these are "shine"finish lipsticks. 

What about the formula and application? Do you like dry lips? Do you? Well, here is your lucky day! These lipsticks glide on like a lightweight oil-based balm. I like the moisturizing "feeling" these provide when initially worn. However, within a couple of hours, my lips begin to look and feel dry. 

What about the staying power? Uh, what staying power? Well, Berry Couture and Plum Velour both fade into subtle stains over three or fours hours as long as I don't eat a proper meal. These lipsticks are easy to reapply as they are lightweight and "feel" emollient. 

There is no harm in purchasing one of these lip colors. I would definitely not recommend trying Honey Bare or Pink Cognito. The price point is reasonable. Berry Couture seems like a cute blue-toned medium pink lip colors for  the summer-time and a warm tanned face. Perhaps I am terribly disappointed by these lipsticks because my bar of expectation was pretty high. I was under the impression that these lipsticks might possibly be an affordable version of high end buttery lipsticks like MAC's Creme Sheen or Sheen Supreme. 

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  1. They should bring the velvet-matte formula here, they'd be a hit! I love the look of Fuschia Shock :)

    1. Yes! I agree. I think I discovered an amazing matte lipstick last week, which I'll have a review up on soon! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sarah! :) I just commented on your post a few minutes ago... lol

  3. I haven’t tried this, but sounds really good from your review. I might have to go investigate some more now! I’m intrigued! Xxx


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