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Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquers - 600 Nude Eclipse, 101 Celestial, 200 Comet, 102 Nova, 400 Big Bang

Rimmel London "Apocalips" Lip Lacquers have finally arrived in the U.S. I have keenly awaited the arrival of these lip products. Rimmel released these in other parts of the world before bringing them to the U.S. In the U.S. these lip lacquers are called "Show Off" rather than "Apocalips."  I am not sure why they changed the name, but I am not too fond of the new name. 

I was definitely looking forward to trying these lip lacquers, however, my expectations were neutral. I did not do any research prior to purchasing these because wanted to develop an impression of my own. I did, however, hear a few positive remarks about these in some Youtube videos. 

What are Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquers? 
A lip lacquer can be described as a liquid lipstick or a lipstick and gloss two-in-one product. Some of these lipsticks are creme shades, while others have a subtle shimmer. I am not sure how the shimmery lip lacquers look once worn on the lips because I only purchased the creme ones. I liked the color selection because it seems like the range includes a color for a variety of tastes. The color range includes bright shades as well as neutral shades.  

~ Packaging ~
The packaging may not be very classy, but then again we must consider that we can purchase about seven of these for the price of one Chanel or YSL lipstick. I think the packaging is cute and lightweight. I like that I can easily see the colors of the lip lacquers, which makes them easily identifiable. I do not have to bother with shade names or numbers. The lip lacquers have a little seal, which can be easily broken once you twist the tube. You can check to see whether the product has been tampered with by the way the product releases (or has already released) into this clear plastic area right under the opening. I have demonstrated this in the pictures below. Note the different between Nude Eclipse and the other shades. Nude Eclipse was the first one I opened completely and swatched the color, while others I had only slightly opened. 

~ Applicator ~
These lip products have a sponge tip applicator with an egg shaped dip on the slanted side. I believe this helps scoop out the product because I do not find the need to put the applicator back in and out for more product. I like sponge tip applicators more than brush till applicators, however, my experience with brush tip applicators has been dicey at times. Sometimes the sponge does not grab enough or soaks up the liquid, however, this particular sponge applicator grabs more than enough product in a single go. The slanted and flexible sponge tip applicator allows you to outline your lips and glides easily along the shape of your lips.  

~ Colors ~ 

(T to B) 600 Nude Eclipse, 101 Celestial, 200 Comet, 102 Nova, 400 Big Bang 

(L to R) 400 Big Bang, 102 Nova, 101 Comet, 101 Celestial, 600 Nude Eclipse

(L to R) 400 Big Bang, 102 Nova, 101 Comet, 101 Celestial, 600 Nude Eclipse 

My favorite, Big Bang!!! 
I would describe Big Bang as a vibrant bright red lipstick. It is the first bright red I have found that does not have any influencing undertones, like brown or orange or blue. I believe this is a warm toned red. So, I would encourage olive, deep beige, tan, and yellow skin-toned ladies, who struggle with finding a suitable bright red, to give this shade a try. This shade may look obnoxious at first, but once it sets in, you will begin to like it. This shade gave me a pep in my step when I wore it for the first time yesterday. I felt confident and seductive. I realized it may draw a lot of attention, especially on a casual day, but that did not stop me from wearing this. Of course I would not feel comfortable wearing this to law school or work, but I think it is alright otherwise. I don't think I need a fancy occasion to wear this beautiful blazing summery red. This shade wears off into a subtle apple red and makes your lips look bitten. After I wore Big Bang I began singing, "but rumor has it he's the love I'm leaving you for..." 

Nova is a bright, almost neon, blue-toned hot pink. Do not be fooled by these images because this is definitely a trendy and unconventional pink shade. I think this type of a shade is an acquired taste, but some fashionistas may disagree with me. I don't know how else to describe the intensity of this shade, except that it appears like paint or hot pink white out as you apply it to your lips. It appears less paint like once the liquid sets onto your lips. After I wore this I began singing, "I am a barbie girl, in a barbie world..." 

My other favorite, Comet! 
Comet is a deep pinkish brown. This is a "my lips but better" shade. It is slightly deeper than my natural lip color. Comet is a conservative shade, suitable for the professional environment. I would recommend this for those who like wearing warm neutral lip colors. This shade definitely makes you look mature. I sang a melancholic Indian (hindi) song after wearing this one, "yeh kasoor mera hai ki yakeen kiya hai, dil teri hi khatir rakh chod diya hai..." (I apologize to the non-Hindi speaking folks who will not understand the lyrics.) 

A bright, yellow-toned, light to medium pink. This shade, like Nova, appears like paint or colored white out when first applied on the lips. After pressing your lips together a few times and once the colors sets onto your lips, the paint-like appearance is subdued. This shade is outside of my comfort zone, but I do like it anyway because it makes you look cute and playful. After I wore this shade I began singing, "I am a jeanie in a bottle baby..." 

Hmm, was this a mistake? Perhaps intended to be a brightening concealer? Last and most certainly the least appreciated shade, Nude Eclipse. This one does not get an exclamation; it gets a question mark. This shade didn't remind me of a song, but it reminded me of Kim Kardasian or Lady Gaga. 

~ Show off, much? ~

1. Amazing pigmentation, one swipe across your lips is more than enough!
2. A unique sponge tip, slanted with egg shaped indentation, which makes it feasible to grab more than enough product at one time. 
3. A lipstick and gloss two-in-one product. The opacity of a lipstick mixed with the shine of a gloss. However, lacks the dryness of a lipstick and the sticky, heavy feeling of a gloss. I like that these lip lacquers settle into your lips. I do not mean to imply that it settles into your lip lines and accentuates them, rather it absorbs or sets in on your lips, thus not looking unnatural or paint-like. 
4. Effortless! You do not feel like you have two products on your lips (i.e, lipstick + gloss).
5. Affordable! I purchased these for $4.99 each at Walgreens. 

1. I detect an artificial candy scent while I am applying this lip product. However, it does not bother me, especially because I do not realize it or taste anything unusual once I have the lipstick on my lips. 
2. All of you lip stain lovers may not appreciate the longevity (or lack of) of this product. This lip product stays in place on my lips as long as I don't eat anything, but it wears off into a stain once I do; drinking is not an issue. 

Love 'em! Love 'em! Love 'em! 
I contemplated buying a back up of Big Bang and Comet. I don't wear makeup on a regular basis and am a little flighty with my taste in beauty products, so back ups for me would be a waste of money. So, wanting back ups of Big Bang and Comet says a lot about my fondness of these lip lacquers. 

The End... 

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  1. I bought Celestial the other day and at first, thought I made a mistake in buying it once I tried it on. But after it set, I liked how it looked! I was wondering when they would bring them to the US =)

  2. Oh I cant wait or these to be launched in india ! They look sooo pigmented! Love how celestial looks on you! And omg.. I could totally relate to those songs with each lippy!lol hilarious (:
    TiTi's Corner!

  3. I have Celestial and love it; didn't like Nova so I sold it. I need Comet asap! Rofl loved how you started singing after wearing each lippy; I could almost hear it!

  4. Lovem them, can't wait to have as many as you have :)

  5. I'm so happy these finally made it to the US! I actually live in Italy (stationed here with the Army) and the Apocalips have been a huge deal since I moved here in February.It's actually hard to find mot of the colors because they're always sold out!I agree with not liking the US name change though. It's a little silly!


  6. These look awesome! I can't wait to try them. On a no-buy challenge right now, but after that these are going right on my list! Except for the Nude Eclipse one. That just looks so yucky. Like you ate a powdered donut and forgot to lick your lips, lol. I can't see it being flattering on ANY skin tone. But the others look GREAT on you!

  7. I like celestial but it probably wouldnt suit me as I have dark pigmented lips :( I like them all on you! I initally wanted nude eclipse after seeing it on one blog, but then I discovered it really wont work on me. I wish these would appear in Canada

  8. all the colours look good on you :) I loved comet & big bang

  9. I'm not crazy about the name change either, how boring lol. I have Big Bang too and I absolutely love it.


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