Monday, August 12, 2013

Lacquer Love: Essie Nail Polish "Boxer Shorts" (Review and Swatches)

Essie's Boxer Shorts is a warm periwinkle shade. The shade looks like a blue-toned deep lilac purple in the bottle. Once worn on the nails, it looks more blue with purple undertones. I find that not all periwinkle shades suit warm beige skin tones with olive or yellow undertones. Some periwinkle shades make my hands appear dull; Essie's Boxer Shorts does not. 

The formula is good, meaning not runny or gooey. I have worn two to three coats in the pictures below. The first coat is a bit sheer and uneven. 

I would definitely recommend this nail color. It is definitely a favorite of mine. 

*I have refrained from commenting on the wear time (longevity) of the nail polishes because I only wear a particular polish for four full days and then I like to keep my nails bare for a while. In the four days, I only experience minor chipping on my index fingers and that is all. 

Have a happy happy happy day! Come back soon!

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  1. Looks seriously gorgeous on your fingers!

  2. Nice shade and looks nice on your Nails Meesha :)

  3. This is such a gorgeous color on you! :) Essie can do no wrong!


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