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Sinful Shine Gel Tech and Bright Essentials Collection by Sinful Colors: SPITFIRE, WISP, ALFRESCO, AT SEA, RENDEVOUS (Swatches, Reviews, and Dupe Alerts)

Spotted: Sinful Shine with Gel Tech Nail Colors by Sinful Colors @ Walgreens 

Spotted: "Bright Essentials" Collection - Summer 2013 Limited Edition Release @ Walgreens

My Purchases... 

Bright Essentials: Over it, Cream Pink


Although I purchased quite a few shades, I decided to keep only five of the shades - SPITFIRE, WISP,  ALFRESCO, AT SEA, and RENDEVOUS (yes this is the correct spelling... Sinful decided to skip out on the "Z" in rendezvous). 

Why did I not keep all of the beautiful shades?

  Dupe Alert! Dupe Alert! Dupe Alert!

If you were intrigued by Essie's No More Film after reading my review on it and decided to purchase it, then you do not need to buy Sinful Shine's Dark Room. If you do not own Essie's No More Film or a shade similar to it, then Sinful Shine's Dark Room could be a cheaper alternative for you. Essie polishes retail for about $8.00 each, while Sinful Shine's cost $2.99 each. 

If you already own Milani's Teddy Brown nail polish as I do, then you don't really need another identical nail colors, such as Sinful Shine's Rebel in your collection. I should have photographed the swatches for this post to demonstrate the lack of any difference between these two nail polishes. I asked my friend to distinguish between the two shades and she could not even after taking a close look at both swatches. If you do not own Milani's Teddy Brown, then Sinful Shine's Rebel is a cheaper alternative. Milani polishes retail for about $4.99 each, while Sinful Shine's cost $2.99 each. 

Lastly, Sinful Colors' Cream Pink from the "Bright Essentials" collection is very similar to L'Oreal Members Only nail polish. It would be wasteful to have both. 

The formula and application of all three of these polishes I have mentioned above - Sinful Shine Dark Room and Rebel and Sinful Colors' Cream Pink - was excellent. A single coat of Dark Room or Rebel was enough for opaque, even, and non-streaky appearance. Cream Pink required two coats at most for an even look. 

What about the nude-peach, pink, and fuchsia shades - Over it, Come Hitter, and I'm Blushing? 
Warning! Bad Formula Alert! 

Swatches of the Keepers! 

*** SPITFIRE *** 
A subtle pink lavender shade. A tad warmer and with more purple undertones than OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender. I applied about three generous coats of this polish. The problem with this polish is not streaky application or gooey formula, but minimal sheerness when first applied. 

*** WISP ***
White polishes are known for their problematic formulas and awful application. Either white polishes are too gooey like white-out or too sheer and too streaky or patchy. I cannot complain of any of these issues with WISP. If you are looking for a white polish, then this is the one I would recommend - affordable and worth a lot more its quality. I applied two to three coats of this polish. WISP might be a great alternative for Essie's Blanc nail polish. 

*** ALFRESCO *** 
I know some of you may not agree with me, but this nail color reminds me Essie's Bikini So Teeny. Of course the two polishes are not extremely similar to be considered dupes or identical, but this color just reminds me of the famous Essie's Bikini So Teeny. I had purchased Essie's Bikini So Teeny a few months ago, but I returned it because it did not apply well at all. Since then I have been on a hunt for a similar color because I had absolutely adored Essie Bikini So Teeny. Sinful Shine's ALFRESCO is a periwinkle shade, predominantly a medium toned warm blue. It is definitely a unique color because it changes shades with different lightening. Sometimes it looks very blue, while other times it looks like a dusty lilac with strong blue undertones. I wore about two to three coats of this one because like SPITFIRE, the first coat looks sheer, but can easily layer up and dry well. 

*** AT SEA ***
Sinful Shine's At Sea is a dusty turquoise blue that looks brighter in the natural day light. I am wearing two coats of this polish with no top coat. This shade reminds me of OPI's Can't Find My Czech-book. If you like the OPI shade, but did not purchase it because of the hefty $9.00 price tag, then you may want to consider Sinful Shine's At Sea as an affordable alternative. 

This mint shade is most probably a dupe for many polishes - China Glaze For Audrey, Salon Perfect Mint Green, and Wet 'n' Wild Megalast I Need a Refresh-Mint. I am wearing two coats of this polish in the pictures. 

I would like to point out the "shine" effect in the picture below. I am not wearing my usual Essie's Good to Go top coat in the pictures of At Sea and Rendevous, yet my nails look glossy and shiny. I dislike polishes that are frosty, glittery, or shimmery. I most often only like wearing creme nail colors. Creme polishes sometimes tend to look washed out and I think the designers of Sinful Shine polishes have addressed this issue. There is a subtle "shiny" or "glossy" factor to these polishes, which makes the polish look fresh and glowing in comparison to other creme polishes. Some of you may not even find a need for a top coat if the only reason you wear a top coat is to add a little shine. I would still opt to use my Essie's Good to Go top coat to quicken dry time and prevent chipping. My index fingernails are cursed though and will chip no matter what! 

Recapping the Pros: 
1) Glossy and shiny effect without top coat.
2) Effortless application. Only two polishes out of the Sinful Shine nail polishes I purchased failed in the formula and application category. Of course there are other colors I did not purchase or try, but in my experience most of the colors in this line are great in regards to formula and application.
3) Unique variety of colors - targeting different individuals' tastes in colors.
4) Dry well without top coat even if two to three coats were applied.
5) Affordable - $2.99 each at Walgreens.

 *I have refrained from commenting on the wear time (longevity) of the nail polishes because I only wear a particular polish for four full days and then I like to keep my nails bare for a while. In the four days, I only experience minor chipping on my index fingers and that is all. 

I think my favorite shade from the Sinful Shine collection is SPITFIRE. What about you? Will you or have you tried a Sinful Shine polish yet? 

Have a happy happy happy day! Come back soon!

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  1. Wow, all the colours are very pretty, very summery ;)

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  2. I actually really like Alfresco. I may have to go get that one. :)

  3. Awesome NOTDs Meesha :)

  4. I love Spitfire and Rendezvous, and nope, didn't get your message - just checked on Facebook and nothing! And not in my gmail either.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Tagged ya on a lippy post!

  5. Okay, you are an absolute STAR for posting this! It's through and incredibly informative.

    I've been loking at the pinky, nude colours but was wondering about the formulas. Thank god for the warnings. Like the look of the Esie Blanc dupe, I was going to purchase the Essie version but may get this instead!



  6. i love this sinful colours, great blog post.


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