Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bare Minerals / Escentuals Marvelous Moxie Lipsticks in Call the Shots and Break Away

I am very excited to share my review of the Bare Minerals / Escentuals Marvelous Moxie lipsticks. I purchased two shades called Call the Shots and Break Away. I think the Moxie collection was released towards the end of this past Spring season. It was not on my agenda to try these lipsticks. I only had one Bare Minerals lipsticks from their original collection, called Bread Pudding, at that time, which I was not very pleased with. Bread Pudding is a beautiful caramel peachy nude shade, but a bit dying despite its creamy formula. 

One day this past June, I strolled into a Bare Minerals boutique because I received a Friends and Family 20% off coupon in my email. My only intention was to purchase my holy grail eye shadow primer. As I was walking towards the cash registers, the makeup artist asked me if I wanted to try out the new lipsticks. My initial instinct is to say, "no, thank you!" Instead I said, "yes sure... I want to try this one...  hmm oh and this one... ohhh and this one too!" 

I tried Call the Shots because I was on a hunt for my ideal hip 'n' happening red-orange shade. I also tested Break Away because of my inclination towards neutral pinky mauve shades. I do not usually purchase anything on impulse, unless I absolutely need it or find a bargain or like it a lot. I do not know what gave me the confidence to buy these that day. I usually ponder about the thing for quite sometime before actually investing in it because new things are out in the market every week, every month, and every season. It is so overwhelming to keep up with the continuously changing beauty and fashion trends. Every brand releases the same product - BB creams, CC creams, Night Creams, Argan Oil - but marketing it in their own unique way and tricking your mind into thinking you need it all. 

~ My Critique ~

These lipsticks are amazing! They apply like a balm and glide on smoothly. The colors appear intense and opaque in a single swipe across the lips. While applying and even after the lip color is on your lips, you will feel a very subtle cooling sensation, not a tingly or a prickly sensation, on your lips and smell peppermint for a few minutes. This does not bother me, but it might be a problem for someone who is extremely sensitive to the feel and smell of minty (menthol-like) products. These lipsticks have a creamy formula, but appear very glossy on the lips. It is quite nice to find a creamy, fully pigmented lipstick that has the glossy and juicy appearance of a sheer lipstick. For this reason, these lipsticks will not suck the moisture out of your lips. My lips feel normal and smooth once the lip color has faded away. Fortunately, most of the lipsticks I own do not strip the natural moisture of my lips even if they may not add moisture or hydrate my lips. Only water can give me that intrinsic hydration! I did a "stuff my face" test with these lipsticks and they passed. I ate thai drunken noodles (yum yum for my tum tum) while wearing Call the Shots and cappuccino flavored gelato while wearing Break Away. The lip color stayed on. Not like a matte lip stain, but it didn't wipe or fade off either. It was easy to reapply both the shades because of their emollient texture. My recorded wear-time with these lipsticks is between two to three. 

~ Price ~

~ Lippies' Swatches ~

Break Away is a light pink mauve. It is the ideal baby pink for olive and warm beige, with yellow undertones, skin tones. Although Break Away is a rich creamy light shade, it does not apply patchy and streaky or appear stark. Some light shades tend to sink into the lip lines, exaggerate lip lines, and make lips appear dry. Yes, you can see lip lines below, but that is natural. Some people have more puckered lips than others.  I appreciate that this shade does not exaggerate the lines or give off a dull, dry look. Most nude pinky mauve shades are too light to apply evenly on my naturally pigmented lips, but this one glides on smoothly, evenly, and is fully opaque. 

Call the Shots is a bright, true red. In my opinion, this red has warm undertones and is not a blue-toned, teeth whitening red. However, beige, olive, and tan skin tones, with yellow under-tones, need not be alarmed. This might suit you as it suits me. I was definitely uncertain about this shade when I first saw it, but my infatuation with lip colors has made me more adventurous and curious. I am so glad I bought this shade. Since Spring, I have been looking for a hot bright red in lieu of the red-orange Spring-Summer 2013 trend and this shade was the winner for me. I purchased this in June during Bare Minerals' Friends and Family sale event. Even though this is a intensely pigmented and emollient red, I was apply to outline my lips and apply it uniformly. I do not like to use lip pencils. 

For a day time subtle and casual look, use Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in the shade Break Away. 

For a more festive and spicy look, use Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in the shade Call the Shots.

I really want to try some more shades from the Moxie range. I have my eye on a deep raspberry plumy and a nude shade, but I am not sure if they will suit my skin tone. For now they are on my wish list, but I have plenty of new lipsticks lined up to review and swatch! So excited! Hope you all enjoyed this review. 

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  1. Both nice colors! The red looks great on you!

  2. Loving Break Away. And I have more lip lines than you do - inherited!
    My Beauty Junction

  3. These both look SO amazing on you. Gorgeous picks!


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