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L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks: Coral Encore, Rouge Allegro, Orange Tempo (Part II)

Hey y'all!!! The tide has come and gone, but here it comes again.  I first purchased three colors from the L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks collection in early December when the collection was newly released.  I remember rushing out to my car to try them and saying, "oh, wow, oh, love it!" Being that these lipsticks are liquid, I did not have to wait to get home and take pictures prior to trying them.  Later on, in February, I purchased three more shades, which are the ones I am showing all of you today.

Coral EncoreRouge AllegroOrange Tempo (Left to Right) 

If you are interested in reading my in-depth review of the Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks as well as seeing pictures of the three shades (Molto Mauve, Purple Prelude, Scarlet Concerto) that I had purchased initially, then click here.

I have already written an in-depth review of my overall impression of the Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks in a previous post, however, I will add a brief review here for each one of the colors shown below.

Coral EncoreRouge AllegroOrange Tempo (Left to Right) 

Coral Encore - is a pink-coral shade.  It applies uniformly and appears opaque in one to two swipes.  The formula is a gel-creme hybrid.  The application is precise and easy due to the unique shade of the applicator. Liquid lipsticks require proper control during application, which emphasizes the importance of a well-designed applicator.  The applicator picks up a good amount of product, so you don't have to continue dipping the applicator in and out of the product.

Rouge Allegro - is a soft pink-red shade. This shade leans more gel-like, than creamy. It appears slightly plummy in the picture below, but in person it is a basic pink-red.  This one applies a bit patchy and requires two to three swipes of the product to even it out across the lips.  The shade is quite beautiful, but nothing special.  Coral Encore and Orange Tempo on the other hand are the more exciting shades of the bunch.

Orange Tempo - is a bright orange.  This shade does have warm and yellow undertones, so I was concerned that it would make my teeth appear yellow, but it did not.  In fact, the effect was quite the contrary. Orange Tempo is falls between Coral Encore and Rouge Allegro in the formula and application gradient. Orange Tempo is more gel-like than Coral Encore, but not as much as Rouge Allegro.  It does not apply patchy and appears opaque in one to two coats.

Overall, the L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks are a great invention, but I have come to appreciate certain shades a lot (Coral Encore, Orange Tempo, Molto Mauve, Purple Prelude), while not caring much for the others (Rouge Allegro, Scarlet Concerto).

Coral EncoreRouge AllegroOrange Tempo (Left to Right)

What to expect from this product? The high-shine, glassy effect, and gel-like consistency of a gloss and the semi-rich pigmentation of a medium coverage lipstick.  What no to expect? Long-lasting staying power and staining effect. The staying power is quite weak. What else do I like about it? While this product is not a treatment for dry or chapped lips, it does not dry out my lips and leaves them feeling smooth.  Any other dislikes?  Now after owning these lip colors for months and comparing them to other liquid lipsticks, there is one thing about them that I feel uncomfortable with.  When I am wearing one of the Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick, or even one of the Maybelline Color Elixirs, I feel like I have product on my lips.  The weight of the product does not diminish over time.  I think the weak staying power can be attributed to the fact that this product sits on your lips like an emollient film and thus comes off / transfers easily when you eat or drink.

Orange TempoRouge AllegroCoral Encore (Left to Right) 

Generally, I am not a big fan of glosses because I don't like the feeling that I have a layer of something on my lips (foreign-body sensation).  As long as you don't mind this sensation, which I don't mind much either, this lip product is worth trying.  Lastly, this sort of lip product is ideal for someone who finds lipsticks and traditional lipsticks to be "dated" and typical glosses to be sheer, and desires a happy medium.

I would advise purchasing these lip colors during a "buy one, get one half off" sale and use coupons (ULTA $3.50 off $10).  These lip colors retail for about $7.50 at Walmart and Target and $9.99 at other stores, such as CVS, Walgreens, and ULTA.

Well, seems like this post turned into an in-depth review part II. Apologies for the verbosity!

I hope this post was informative and helpful. Your friendly comments are much appreciated.  Come back soon. Thanks!
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