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L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks: Molto Mauve, Purple Prelude, and Scarlet Concerto (Part I)

Hey Y'all!!! 

Today, I will be sharing with y'all my review of the new liquid lip colors from L'Oreal. I usually have some introductory chatter for y'all, but not today. I have had a long day at school. I am currently in my last semester of law school, but this semester seems like the busiest. Thank goodness I have this outlet to take a break and have a lighter conversation. I am on a mission to do as many reviews, especially of all the new tempting products out in stores, as I possibly can do before this semester picks up speed. Hope y'all find these post helpful. Enjoy! 

I purchased three L'Oreal Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick shades back in middle of December from my local CVS. I did not see these in other stores until the beginning of January. Now I have spotted these lip colors at Target, Meijer, Walgreens, and ULTA (online only, not locally). I have not seen this collection at my local Walmart  yet. These lipsticks are quite pricey for a drug-store lip product, but I think long-time and well-known brands like L'Oreal and Revlon have been increasing the prices of newer as well as older products. At Target, these lip colors cost $7.49/7.99 each. At Meijer, these were priced at $8.99 each. At ULTA, CVS, and Walgreens, these cost $9.99 each. I would recommend waiting for the "BOGO 50% Off" sale at ULTA, CVS, or Walgreens. As I mention in about every post, ULTA almost always has a coupon on its website ($3.50 off $10 or 20% off single-item or 20% off entire purchase). ULTA also has a rewards system. I think the rewards system at CVS and Walgreens is a mirage. Yes, a mirage! I never seem to spend enough to get as rewards or store-cash. On the other hand, I really see a growth in my points and am planning to use my points on purchasing fragrances. Unfortunately, Target and Walmart never has markdowns, unless they are trying to get rid of a product and it gets red-tagged. Meijer does have markdowns, like 40% L'Oreal or Revlon. 

The packaging is a plastic, gold tube. I don't have an issue with the packaging, but I am definitely not wowed by it. I don't have it exceptionally cute or classy or unique. I like that the packaging displayed a swatch of the shade of the lip color. I would have preferred a bit of the tube to be transparent, so we can see the actual color instead of a plastic swatch. The gold tube is a finger-print catcher. I like that the packaging is lightweight. I adore the sponge, doe-foot, spatula-like applicator. The applicator design is quite unique and picks up a good amount of product. It is similar to the applicator of the Maybelline Color Elixirs. I think the applicator is one of the features that attracts me to this product. 

Molto Mauve is a cool-toned, very light pink-mauve-nude. Please refer to the pictures below to assess the colors. My description of colors is always my own, not a description by L'Oreal. 
Purple Prelude is a cool-toned, light lavender pink. 
Scarlet Concerto is a juicy, blood-red with neutral undertones. This is a unique red to my collection. 

As the pictures below indicate, these lip colors are transparent. These lip colors are not as sheer as a colored-gloss, but they are also not as pigmented as a liquid lipstick or lacquer. The shades can definitely build up. I have worn three swipes in the pictures below. 

Formula / Application 
Scarlet Concerto is the most difficult to apply and control. The formula feels like an emollient fluid, a thick (not too thick) gel-like consistency. The formula is similar to the formula of Maybelline Color Elixirs. These sit on your lips and take some time to set in. This lip color is not a liquid lipstick or lacquer or stain. I would describe it as a nicely pigmented liquid gloss-balm. This product makes my lips feel smooth once it wears off. Personally, this sort of lip product is ideal for me. I was a moisturizing, glossy, pigmented, effortless lip color and this is ideal for my needs. 

Glosses typically irritate my lips. Most glosses make my lips feel sticky, trapped, and tingly. Also, almost all glosses, even richly pigmented ones, do not show up on my lips as well as these do. 

 Molto Mauve and Purple Prelude are easier to apply because these are lighter shades. My mom has more natural pigment in her lips than I do and Molto Mauve and Purple Prelude looked much different on her than the shades do on me. Both colors looks almost identical on her lips and showed a strong hue of taupe-purple. 

Longevity / Staying Power 
I think most people will feel like the staying power of this product is weak. I assess staying power by a different standard than most other beauty bloggers. Yes, this product does not last on my lips after eating; drinking does not have an effect. Yes, this product will transfer on your coffee cup. I don't expect my lip products to stay on my lips once I have eaten a meal, unless the lip product is a stain. My semi-matte and creamy lipsticks do remain on my lips after I have eaten, but faintly and require touch-up. My glossy lipsticks disappear along with my food. 

Overall, these get an A-! Again, I would prefer if these were priced around $7 each, rather than almost $10. I do think these take time to set in and feel like you have an emollient (not greasy or oily) film on your lips. This is a scented product, but the scent does not bother me. I think the scent is only apparent when I bring the wand close to my lips-nose area and does not linger once you wear the product. Lip product scents again is a personal liking because while I dislike the "smell" of Milani lipsticks, other beauty blogger love it and describe it as a watermelon candy scent. Well, I think the L'Oreal Extraordinaire lip colors smell like a bag of jolly ranchers. 

I am planning on purchasing two more shades from the L'Oreal Extraordinaire collection (Nude Ballet and Ruby Opera). Once I purchase these additional shades, I will post an update with more pictures. So, make sure to check back in. I'm waiting for these to arrive at my local ULTA (in-store). 

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  1. So pretty on you! Great review---you have THE BEST reviews hun. I am a little sad these aren't as pigmented as on those silly commercials but oh well, I am used to false advertising in the beauty world. I still will probably pick one up. We also should do a collab before your semester gets too crazy!!

  2. The second one is beyond gorgeous. I hope they came to Slovenia as well :)


  3. Just saw an ad for these in a magazine (Aug 2014) so I am behind on learning about liquid lipsticks! Nevertheless wanted to say thanks for taking the time to do such an in-depth review AND ALSO I save so much with CVS extra care bucks. Maybe if you bite the bullet one time and throw down cash for say Physicians Formula or something you can start raking in the rewards. Their Beauty Club gives cash back to beauty items too.


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