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MAC Huggable Lip Colors in Rusty and Rich Marron

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Today, I would like to talk about a new limited-edition collection of MAC lipsticks. The collection is called Huggable. MAC has a description of these lipsticks on its website. The formula of these lipsticks was inspired by the formula trending in Asia. 

What are the claims? The collection includes 12 shades that maintain a bright and luminous appearance for up to six hours. Specifically, the glossy-finish is meant to be long-lasting. MAC suggests that these lipsticks do not compromise on shine for color. The formula is allegedly emollient and creamy, which makes your lips look smooth and sculpted. 

What is my critique? I am quite fond of the MAC Huggable lipsticks. I definitely think that MAC should add these lipsticks to its permanent line of lip colors. Also, I would like to see more color options. Although trendy and seasonal shades are quite exciting for makeup enthusiasts, I really appreciate variety more. For example, I am not a fan of bright lip colors, such as hot pink, fuchsia, magenta, pink-coral, orange-red, red-orange, etc. However, bright colors are the trend at the moment. Personally, subdued pinks and nudes with brown undertones and deep reds look the best on me. Fortunately, the Huggable collection had two beautiful shades that I thought suited my skin-color. Experimenting with a variety of lip colors has really brought me outside my comfort zone. A few years ago, I would have never imagined that I would wear as many shades as I do now. Perhaps, I might be a fan of brighter colors this Summer. I highly doubt it though! 

Packaging? I don't have much to say about the packaging. I like to provide you all with plenty of pictures so you all can determine for yourselves whether or not you all like the packaging and colors. The packaging is simple - a gunmetal gray tube. I like the gunmetal gray and rose gold tubes that brands have been using recently more than gold or silver tubes. Gold and silver tubes wear off over time and can get scratched up easily. On the other hand, black packaging is timeless and classic. I like that these tubes are sleek, rounded, and light-weight. I prefer rounded tubes to squared tubes.

Price? These lipsticks cost $20. For high-end lipsticks, I feel comfortable paying between $18 - $25. I think MAC has a reasonable price point for its lipsticks. I am only fond of MAC's creme-sheen, amplified creme, and satin (sometimes) formulas. I think $15 is a great price point for these excellent  formulas.  There are plenty of high-end lipsticks, which cost over $22 with horrible formulation, poor staying-power, dry texture, and odd scents. MAC lipsticks have a warm, yet clean, and very mild sweet scent. I am not sensitive to scents or fragranced products, but cannot tolerate wearing products that have an overwhelming chemical-like or plastic-like sort of scent. 

Color / Pigmentation?  The two shades I purchased have awesome pigmentation. One swipe is enough. I bought a light shade as well as a deep shade, but one swipe was enough for both. Rusty is a warm "rusted" red with chocolate brown undertones. I adore this color. It is so unique. It does not have orange or yellow undertones, but it is definitely a warm shade. I usually don't like to wear brownish reds because I feel like such shades make me look too mature for my age. However, rusty is age appropriate; it brightens the complexion of my face and its glossiness provides a youthful look. Rich Marron is a light pinky-brown color or the ideal nude for girls who have my skin-color and naturally mauve-toned lips. By comparison, the pigmentation of these particular shades is better than Bobbi Brown's Shine lip colors, which are also significantly pigmented. The pigmentation of these far exceeds the pigmentation of YSL Rouge Volupte or YSL Rough Volupte Shines. Can you tell that I have not had a good experience with YSL lip products thus far?

Formula / Application Honestly, I am in love with the formula of these lipsticks. Formulas that are comfortable, meaning that it does not dry out, irritate, or feel heavy on your lips, are obviously great. I think most of the lipsticks I have kept in my collection are comfortable. Sometimes though, very rarely, I find a formula that is more than comfortable, like these Huggable lipsticks. A more than comfortable formula makes your lips feel good, like a treat, but not necessarily a medicinal treatment for extremely dehydrated or chapped lips. There are days when my lips feel slightly dry, but are not cracked/chapped. On these days, wearing a formula like the Huggable lipsticks really helps. Anyways, these lipsticks feel lightweight, smooth, and did not absorb the natural moisture of my lips. I have yet to come across a lipstick or balm or gloss that is intensely hydrating, but this definitely made my lips look and feel moisturized. I found the formula of these comparable to Clarins Rouge Éclat lipsticks. The formula of the Clarins lipsticks is thinner and slippery. The Huggable lipstick formula does "hug" your lips and does not have the typical slip of other glossy lipsticks. This is definitely my favorite formula by MAC. I like the formula of these lipsticks much more than Urban Decay Revolution, Giorgio Armani Ecstasy CC, YSL Rouge Volupte / Volupte Shine, Bobbi Brown Sheer, and Marc Jacobs Lip Gels. 

Longevity If you do not eat, then these lipsticks might last longer than six hours. However, I ate three hours after applying Rich Marron and the color is gone. The color is gone, but the smooth feeling remains on my lips. The staying power of these lipsticks far exceeds the "lack of" staying power of the.  

Dearest MAC, please release more colors and replace the permanent collection of MAC Sheen Supremes lipsticks with these amazing Huggable lip colors. 

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  1. Beautiful shades you picked up. They should really make these in the permanent collection!

  2. Gorgeous color on you. I haven't tried the huggables yet, but I need to find them!


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