Thursday, January 16, 2014

MAC Huggable Lip Color in Fresh & Frisky!

Hey Y'all!!!

Ms. Naughty over here - well perhaps not really - bought another MAC Huggable Lip Color. Please take a look at my in-depth review of two other shades from this collection here. The two shades I purchased first are called Rusty and Rich Marron. I would call these my "comfort-zone" shades. 

I am not a fan of coral lip colors, whether it is a pink-coral or red-coral shade. It makes me look dated. I stray away from coral apparel and jewelry as well, but I think red-coral would probably suit me more than pink-coral. Very close to corals are peachy-orange and red-orange shades. 

I bought quite a few red-orange or orange-red shades last Spring and Summer. I have yet to find a matching lip color. I have also been on a hunt for a peachy-orange shade in both nail color and lip color that does not have yellow-undertones. If fuchsia, hot-pinks, purple-lavender, orange, and warm red lip colors do not suit you, then you and I are in the same boat. Oh! The plague of yellow-ness! 

As if I have not made it clear enough, I am quite excited about this shade because it is very unique to my personal collection. I tried my best to capture this shade as it appears in person, so y'all can understand my description of the shade. (I have noted that sometimes my images change a bit when I upload them here. Also, do keep in mind that your own computer browser could alter the color (or other characteristics) of the pictures I have posted.) 

Fresh & Frisky is a pure peach shade that looks different with change in lightening; This shade can look like a toned down neon, milky peach. It can also look like a subtly shimmery peachy-pink. The versatility of this shade is deceiving. Fresh & Frisky is not as pigmented as Rusty and Rich Marron. Rusty and Rich Marron gave off full color in one swipe, while Fresh & Frisky requires a few swipes. I would suggest dabbing it though rather than swiping it heavily across your lips. It is easy to get carried away because of the emollient, gel-balm, "huggable" texture of these lip colors, but this particular shade is a bit different. Continue reading to find out why! Although all three shades obviously have the same formula, I personally had a different experience with how Fresh & Frisky appeared on my lips. It still felt nice, but did not look like it felt. 

The formula of Fresh & Frisky felt different from the other two shades, Rusty and Rich Marron. I would not recommend this shade for people with dry and chapped lips. Being that it is winter right now and I keep the heat on very high at home, my lips are dehydrated. I had to exfoliate and moisturize my lips before applying this lip color because otherwise it did not look flattering. The mixture of the subtle shimmer in this shade and my chapped lips gave a "frosty" appearance. I almost regretted buying this one at first and thought to return it. However, once I treated my lips and dabbed this lip color on, it looked great. So, this one is a keeper, but slightly high-maintenance for people with dehydrated lips. In my review of the other two Huggable shades, I mentioned that I gravitated towards wearing these when my lips felt parched, but with this particular shade I would not expect the same. 

Overall, I adore this shade and am glad to have it in my treasure chest. Please treat your lips before wearing this shade, that is all y'all. I hope this review and my previous review are helpful. This is a limited edition collection, so if y'all like what you see, then go get yourselves one or a bunch before these are all sold out. 

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  1. Gorgeous on you! It really suits you beautifully.

    Des Simple Charm Beauty

  2. Looks gorgeous on you! You are so adorable with your y'alls as well!!!

  3. Oh, wow. That looks amazing on you!

  4. @ Des, Margo, & Iskanderia - Thanks,girls! :)


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