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Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks: Liar, Spirit, Shame, Rush, Venom, and Fiend! (Review + Swatches)

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This post will only include a brief and updated review of the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks. For my in-depth and original review, please click here.

The Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks were released around August, which is when I purchased my first one. The first shade I bought was called Rapture. Once again, click the link above to read about my initial impression of these lipsticks and see swatches of Rapture.

Obviously, that fact that I bought six more shades implies that I really liked the Revolution lipsticks, right? 
Availability / Price 
I bought some of the additional shades during the Urban Decay Friends and Family 20% off sale and others at ULTA, when I received a 20% non-exclusives coupon. I took advantage of the Urban Decay sale because Shame was sold out at various ULTA stores and Strip is an Urban Decay online exclusive shade. Purchasing more than one color on their website qualified me for free shipping. Urban Decay also sent me a free-sample pencil eyeliner in the shade zero (black). 
These lipsticks cost $22 each (minus tax), but with the discount (minus tax), these costed $17.60. 
Formula / Texture / Application / Longevity  
The formula of the Revolution lipsticks is creme no doubt, but the feel is not fully creamy per se. I would describe the feel as more of a creamy-semi-matte. These lipsticks do not glide onto your lips buttery soft. Although the lipsticks go on smoothly, I do feel slight friction as I apply them. The warmth of my lips does not make the product emollient. The benefit of this sort of formula and texture is that you only need one or two swipes of this shade to pack on intensely opaque color. You compromise the buttery creme feel for the intense color pay off. For example, I am wearing one swipe of Shame down below and then dabbed some off with my finger. The arm swatches are just one swipe. Also, I need to do heavy duty exfoliating on my arms to remove the swatches; makeup remover plus soap and water was not enough. The lighter shades, such as Liar and Rush, may require two or more swipes (as per personal liking), but only to even out the color. With only one swipe, these two shades tend to look slightly streaky due to my natural lip lines, so I do two to three swipes or spread it out using a finger. Strip, Rapture, and Field apply more like Shame and Venom even though they are lighter shades.
Shame (dark oxblood, dark blackened burgundy) (Note: I regret buying this shade. It looks too "vampy" and "mature" and "dated" on me. It makes me look like I am twice my age. It does not have enough red in it. I would not describe it as a deep wine shade because it does not have enough red in it. It is a blend of black, red, and plum.) 

Strip (pinky-mauve nude with taupe undertone / neutral to cool-toned) (Note: this is my ideal true nude because in person it does not look pink at all. It looks more like a latte-light-brown-nude Love it!) 

Venom (dark magenta-purple blend with blue-magenta shimmer) (Note: This shade looked scary on me. It was too flashy. I felt like I could only wear it on Halloween. I returned this one. I thought the blue in it would make my teeth look brighter, but it had the opposite effect.) 

Fiend (medium warm pink with yellow undertone) (Note: many have described this shade as their MLBB, but for me it was too pink with yellow base, so it was not flattering and washed my teeth with a yellow shadow. I returned this one as well.) 

Rush (milky pinky-mauve nude / neutral to cool-toned) (Note: this shade does not have the taupe (lilac-gray-brown) undertone as Strip; another favorite. This shade is ideal for a delicate and playful look. It made my complexion and teeth look more vibrant, unlike Shame, Venom, and Fiend. This is a nice alternative for Fiend. I feel this is neutral to cool-toned. Love it!) 

Liar (peachy-caramel-brown-nude / neutral to warm-toned) (Note: this is a very unique shade in my lipstick collection. I do not own anything like this. This is another shade I really like. It brightens up my complexion and teeth/smile.) 

Rapture is a beautiful shade as well and another favorite, so make sure to check my review on it. 
Overall A-
Why? I would like a better deep red lip option. F-bomb was too clown-like and bright and Shame was too vampy. Also, I do like the formula and am okay with sacrificing the butteriness for the color payoff, but I wish these were just a tad bit more creamy. These lipsticks are not drying, but the shades do appear matte on the lips. I don't expect hydration either, just a smoother application I suppose. A little lip balm underneath is good enough for me. Honestly, I do appreciate the formula to an extent because the shades like Liar and Rush would not show up on me as well as they do if the formula would have been either more buttery or more matte, these shades would not have suited me at all. Four favorites out of seven tried is a pretty great deal! 

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  1. Pretty swatches! I was thinking about getting shame for a while because I love the formula of these lipsticks, but from your lip swatch I don't think its for me. So thanks :) I'm glad you found a few that you really love though!!


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