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LANCOME LIP LOVER: Beige Adage (332), Rose Des Nymphes (333), Rose Contre-Temps (321), Rose Des Cygnes (338), Orange Manege (336), and Framboise Etoile (355)

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday! How is everyone doing today? We are half way away from the weekend. Woohoo! It is my week off though, so I don't know why I am saying, "woohoo." I don't recall from English class if using so many quotations is grammatically allowed, but I want to demonstrate my excitement.  Yes, I am always excited when I am talking about lip colors.  If I am in a bad mood, I usually cannot talk about it because it is one of the things that makes me happy.  Although a materialistic infatuation, I have always been a fan of lip products - balms, glosses, lipsticks.  Not surprising at all, but it annoyed my mother a lot when I was younger (still does, I think).   
I purchased the Lancome Lip Lover Dewy Color Lip Perfector back in early April during the Sephora VIB sale event. I bought a total of seven shades as you can see below. I plan to give some of these to my cousin-sisters because they both love lip glosses as well.  One of the shades is not color swatched below because I decided not to use it and returned it.  This shade was called Lip Lover 337 and it was too similar to Rose Des Nymphes 333.  Although I absolutely love the actual product, I regret purchasing so many shades.  As you will note below, some of the shades are very similar that you simply cannot justify having both, especially at $23 price point. Also, all of the shades seem to be a variation of pink (i.e., mauve-pink, red-pink). I paid around $19 - 20 (for each one) because I had a 15% off coupon. Fortunately, I am planning on sharing mine. 

If this price point is not within your budget, then I suggest trying out the following options instead: Revlon Moisture Stains (new), Milani Power Lip Lasting and Moisturizing Lip Stains (see my review here), Maybelline Color Elixirs (see my review here), and L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks (see my review here and here). I will be reviewing the Revlon Moisture Stains soon. Although I enjoy using all of these liquid hybrid multi-tasking lip products, my favorite is definitely the Milani Power Lip Stains. 
Lately, I am really drawn to the liquid lip color and crayon lip color trend. I think the reason I enjoy using these two types of lip products is because they leave my lips feeling smooth.  Normal lipsticks tends to constrict my lips and exaggerate my lip lines over the wear-time, which I fear cannot be good for the lips in the long run.  I also am not a fan of pure glosses because of the tacky, sticky feel and weak pigmentation. I have to carefully select my lip products because I must wear them in conjunction with a balm that has sunscreen. My skin is very sensitive to sun exposure, so I have to drown my face in sunscreen.  Hence, the liquid lip color - the offspring of a lipstick and a gloss and raised my a lip balm - is perfection for me! See below for my review of each individual shade. 

Rose Des Nymphes 333, Lip Lover 337, Rose Contre-Temps 321,  Rose Des Cygnes 338, Beige Adage 332, Orange Manege 336, Framboise Etoile 355 (left to right) 
Rose Contre-Temps 321,  Rose Des Cygnes 338, Beige Adage 332, Rose Des Nymphes 333, Lip Lover 337, Orange Manege 336, Framboise Etoile 355 (left to right) 
Framboise Etoile 355, Orange Manege 336, Rose Des Cygnes 338, Rose Contre-Temps 321, Beige Adage 332, Rose Des Nymphes 333 (left to right) 
Framboise Etoile 355, Orange Manege 336, Rose Des Cygnes 338, Rose Contre-Temps 321, Beige Adage 332, Rose Des Nymphes 333 (left to right) 
Rose Des Nymphes 333, Beige Adage 332, Rose Des Cygnes 338, Rose Contre-Temps 321, Orange Manege 336, Framboise Etoile 355 (top to bottom) 

Rose Des Nymphes 333 - This shade is a warm-toned, medium pink. It is semi-sheer and requires two to three layers to show up on my lips. I am presuming that this shade will appear darker people with a lighter skin-tone than mine. 

Beige Adage 332 - This shade is a milky baby pink with warm and yellow undertones. It is one of my favorite shades because typically these sort of shades don't look good on me and look patchy and streaky. Luckily, this one does not and is unique to my collection. 

Rose Des Cygnes 338 - This shade is a deep mauve-pink with neutral undertones.  It is a universal, subtle, conservative shade that can suit anyone of any age. It is also a work-appropriate shade. This shade was the first one I purchased because it is my safe, go-to shade.  Lastly, 321 is more of a pure creme formula and opaque in one swipe. 

Rose Contre-Temps 321 - This shade looks light a light pink in the picture below, but in person it is more of a warm peachy-pink-brown with subtle golden shimmer. The shimmer does not appear on the lips. This shade is a lighter, less mauve, version of 338 above. You definitely do not need both of these shades.  Lighter skin-tones can opt for 321, while deeper skin-tones can opt for 338. This shade is also sheerer than 338. Again, I regret purchasing this one because of its similarity to 338. Both are beautiful colors, but you do not need both. Also, I do not need both because 321 is pretty close to my natural lip color. 

Orange Manege 336 and Framboise Etoile 355 - Both of these shades fall in the berry-pink category.  On the top, 336 is a semi-sheer cherry red.  On my arm and in the tube, it looks like a bright orange, but once applied it is more of a sheer red-pink. On the bottom, 355 is an richly pigmented, raspberry pink with blue, red, fuchsia, and cool undertones. Again, it is not necessary to purchase both shades, unless you really love wearing glossy berry lip colors.  I am not a big berry lip color wearer.  For a second opinion, take a look at my friend Margo's review of Orange Manege here and see how this shade looks on someone with a fair skin-tone. Also, keep in mind that 336 and 355 are both "dupable," even at a lower price point. 

The shades I recommend are: 338 (for playing it safe), 333 (young and flirty spring-pink), and 332 (for a Kim K pinky nude pout). Lancome Lip Lover lip colors offer the pigmentation of a lipstick and the sheer-glossy effect of a lip gloss. The best characteristic of this lip product is that it does moisturize and feel like a pleasant balm.  I am not suggesting that this product is a lip treatment, but it does maintain the moisture in my lips.  In fact, I like wearing the Lip Lover lip colors when my lips feel dehydrated. My lips feel smooth and soft while wearing the product and after it wears off.  Now, with the exception of 355, which leaves a red tint to the lips, this product is not a stain.  Moreover, it lasts a solid amount of time, but is not at all a long-lasting lip product. Reapplication is necessary after eating and drinking. The main claim on the packaging is that this product provides 8 hours of moisture. Although I did count the exact hours, this product receives full points for its moisturizing property. 

I wish the color range had more obvious variety. Honestly, it was difficult to make sure I noted the correct name of the shade.  I almost mixed up 338, 321, 333, and 332. I believe that consumers will like this product for its excellent moisturizing characteristic, but the shades are not so unique or varied that you need more than one or two. I purchased a total of seven, but decided to only keep four shades that I was truly impressed with and will make good use of.  My lesson: do not become a makeup hoarder when I get a coupon.  High-end makeup is rarely discounted. So, when I get the 10%, 15%, 20% off coupons that come around about twice a year, I stock up like a polar bear going into hibernation before the winter sets in. 

I hope this post was informative and helpful. Your friendly comments are much appreciated.  Come back soon. Thanks!
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  1. Great post Meesha! I have Orange Menage and love it, although I did hope it would be more of an orange. I think they all look really beautiful on you! And they look so awesome lined up in a row :)

  2. Those all look great on you!! You always choose such great lip colors, and it makes me want to try them all haha!

  3. My favorite is Rose Des Cygnes 338! I don't think I have ever mentioned this before, but you have pretty lips! Haha ;)


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