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New Wet n Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color • Kiss My Mints and Lay Out in Lavender | Spring into the Wild!

Are y'all ready for Spring yet? Well, who isn't ready for Spring, unless where you live it is either not very seasonal or too hot during the Spring months.  The beauty and fashion retail world is surely ready.  I was visiting Walgreens with one of my beauty-loving friends - we were both searching for some new liquid lipsticks - when I came across this gorgeous display of new pastel nail polishes by Wet n Wild. 

Instantly, these new Spring into the Wild collection nail polishes reminded me of last Spring's pastel nail polishes from the Silver Lake collection by Wet n Wild.  In fact, the Spring into the Wild shades looked identical to some of the shades from Silver Lake. Anyway, the only reason I gave this new collection a second glance was because the current mint shade, named Kiss My Mints, looked less green (more blue) than last year's mint, named Tree Hugger. Also, I had returned Tree Hugger last year because it had an awful formula so I thought to give Kiss My Mints a try.  

Since purchasing Kiss My Mints and loving it, I am eager to buy the lilac/lavender one from this year's collection because that is another shade I do not have from last year's collection.  The word on the street... I mean Instagram is that the shades from this year are minutely (very subtly) different from their shade category (i.e., mint, lilac/lavender, cornflower/periwinkle blue) parallel from last year.  In other words, only a nail polish junkie (street name for nail polish collectors or connoisseurs) would notice the difference.  I am not one of those individuals as far as nail polishes are concerned.   
Y'all know that lipsticks are more my game!  In anyway, I firmly believe that bright orange nail polishes look the most flattering on my lanky hands.  Oh boy, way off tangent I go... 

In a nutshell, y'all need to buy Kiss My Mints.  I cannot mention a single downside to owning this gorgeous pastel, bluish mint shade, except that you will not want to remove it ever.  First, it is only $1.99.  Bargain. ✓ Second, as I already mentioned this is a nice balanced pastel mint (not too green, not too blue, and I am very picky about that). Trendy. ✓ Third, the staying-power was amazing.  I applied it last Thursday and removed it today (Wednesday).  It only began looking a tad shabby today because my nails have grown out and I started picking at the little chipped areas on my index fingernails.  For a $1.99, drugstore nail polish, to have such an excellent wear-time is note worthy. Thank you Wet n Wild for maintaining quality and trendiness, while keeping prices low. Solid wear-time. ✓ Lastly, the formula was as exquisite as the wear-time.  I applied two coats, allowing a few seconds for the first coat to dry down completely before applying the second coat.  I also sealed the deal with Essie's Good to Go top coat.  Dreamy formula. ✓ 

Yes, I am planning to go back for at least one or two more, like Lay Out in Lavender and Breeze On By.  Hope y'all enjoy my gallery below!  I added pictures of the shades from the Silver Lake collection I purchased last year.  Sadly, I didn't have a chance to share my swatches of the Silver Lake polishes or write a review about them because of some life stuff that came up around the time I had purchased them.  I didn't want to miss my chance this time around.  

Update (04/20/16): I purchased Lay Out in Lavender soon after writing the review above for Kiss My Mints.  Lay Out in Lavender is a pastel, slightly dusty lilac in my opinion.  I tend to describe pastel-purples as lilac if they lean less pink, slightly cool-toned, and lavender if they lean more pink, slightly warm-toned. And peri-winkle is a purple leaning more blue.  I blame my knowledge (in case I am wrong) on OPI's Do You Lilac It? and Lucky Lucky Lavender (if y'all know what I mean).  I don't know the "accurate" or "official" difference is between lilac and lavender in the purple color spectrum.  Lay Out in Lavender reminds me of the OG Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear shade Lacey Lilac.  

Lay Out in Lavender applied easily for a pastel shade.  I used two coats for an evened out appearance. The first coat is sheer so I was concerned that the polish will require three full coats, but the thinner formula and application were not an issue.  I did not apply my trusted Essie Good-to-Go top coat with this one and it did chip, especially on the index finger, slightly on the tip of other fingers, and overall had a dull appearance without top coat.  This experience sort of made me re-think the staying-power of Kiss My Mints, but I love that color, and honestly I still think the formula and application is a dream for the $1.99 price point.  Also, I appreciate that these polishes do not have the pungent chemical, paint-like smell that some cheaper / drugstore polishes tend to have.  For me Lay Out in Lavender was "meh" color-wise.  I did not love the color as much as Kiss My Mints.  When I first started purchasing/collecting nail colors a few years ago (during under-grad), I went through an intense pastel lilac/lavender phase, much like my current adoration for orange nail and lip colors.  So maybe that "phase" is to blame for my "meh" feelings towards Lay Out in Lavender at the moment.  

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  1. Soooo preettyyy! I wore a mint green on my nails and I felt like spring was here!


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