Friday, April 15, 2016

Essie Taj-Ma-Haul (Essie Resort Spring 2016)

  • Color: a yellow-toned, dusty orange.  
  • Formula: a thin creme consistency.  
  • Application: requires patience because you need three coats for an evened out appearance and must wait for the first layer to dry before applying another layer of polish; the polish has a tendency to run off the brush and flood the nail bed. 
  • Staying-power: I applied Essie Good to Go top coat, which is my absolute favorite top-coat.  As long as the polish isn't cheap in quality, I get good wear-time (four-five days) using Good to Go. Personally, although I love wearing nail colors, I prefer my nails bare sometimes.  Also, my nails grow out fast. So if a polish lasts about four days for me, without chipping, I am "good-to-go". 
  • Overall: I didn't end up keeping this one because I like my polishes to be low maintenance when it comes to application.  I can compromise on staying power (well not if the polish chips shamelessly 20 minutes after I applied it), but I do not like a runny consistency and slow drying time.  
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  1. This is so lovely on your skintone!It is just a bummer that the formula wasn't very great!


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