Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Color Leaf Me Be (Lost in the Wild Flowers | Summer 2016 Collection)

The HORROR... 

I'm very apprehensive of stained teeth and nails.  I avoid soft fizzy drinks as much as I can, but I do love tea and coffee, which I drink using a straw (even if the beverage is hot) to avoid contact of the liquid with my teeth (a suggestion made by my dentist).  Healthy and naturally white teeth and nails are important to me because I think that it makes one look clean and polished.  Honestly, if I ever see that my nails are getting permanently stained or weakened or damaged from nail polish wear, I will stop wearing nail polish.  Although I do love wearing nail colors, I often find myself happy with the naked-no-color manicure.  I'm horrified by the appearance of my nails after wearing Leaf Me Be for only one day!  Seriously, I had a panic attack.  I scrubbed my hands like crazy and even used my Crest Whitening toothpaste and brushed them.  I buffed them too.  A few days have past, but the stain is definitely taking its good 'ol time to fade away.  

Leaf Me Be is an unique, vibrant, neon, non-milky lime green in a jelly finish.  It reminds me of slime in kid's movies or Nickelodeon (hello 90's baby over here).  Given that it has a jelly formula, it required at least three coats to look opaque.  Even though I wore the Sephora Formula X base coat and top coat, the polish took time to dry down and got nicked on some nails as y'all can see in the last two pictures above.  I would have still kept it had it not stained my nails - it looks like I bathed my nails in turmeric.  I'm so surprised that I even thought about contacting Wet n Wild regarding this staining issue.  

The Wet n Wild Megalast line is one I usually like! I have had an especially good experience with the seasonal collections, which are fun, trendy, not compromised on formula, and affordable.  I returned this one immediately to Walgreens and didn't bother trying the other nail colors I had purchased from this collection.  On a positive note, visit my Instagram to take a look of other items I purchased from this collection in action, such as a Mega-Glow highlighter in Precious Petals and a Mega-Glow multi-stick in Carnational Anthem.  Spoiler... I love both! I guess you win some and you lose some, right! 


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