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JANE Cosmetics Intense Color Lip Glosses - Inspire, Rosy Outlook, Make A Statement, and In Awe

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Boy oh boy! Where do I begin? I know I have not posted over the last several days, but my absence is due to studying for final exams and writing term papers. Let me add, my schedule will not be any better  hereafter. I will not have much of a winter break because of a school project and then next semester is going to be a nightmare. Hope I still have your attention? This introduction may have put some of you to sleep. Well, wake up and come on back folks because I have some exciting product reviews coming your way. 

Today, I would like to share my review of the intense color lip glosses by Jane Cosmetics. I have heard from some beauty enthusiasts, who are in their late twenties or early thirties at present, that Jane was sold when they were in high-school. If I have the time frame correct, then I was probably in elementary or middle school at that time, so I have no past experience with this brand to provide a assessment of the brand then and now.

Jane Cosmetics appears to be a brand that focuses on promoting women's empowerment via the design and marketing of its cosmetic products. The brand is currently holding a Holiday fundraising campaign called Jane Gives Back the Gift of Confidence and Care. For every item purchased now through Dec. 27, Jane will donate an item to a women's shelter. (See #JaneGivesBack,

Jane has two collections of glosses - sheer coverage and full-color glosses. I picked up four shades from the intense color collection: Inspire, Rosy Outlook, Make A Statement, and In Awe.

I decided not to try the sheer coverage lip glosses because I am not a lip gloss wearer. I only wear lip glosses if they are richly pigmented, such as lip lacquers or lighter versions of liquid lipsticks.

I highly recommend trying out these richly pigmented, affordable, deliciously scented, and comfortable lip glosses.

These lip glosses smell faintly like vanilla cupcakes; the scent is not overbearing. I purchased mine at ULTA. Originally these glosses are $7, which is not bad at all, but ULTA sometimes has BOGO or 40-50% sales on this brand and a 20% or $3.50 off coupon available on its website or catalog. I paid about $3 for each one after all of the discounts.

Make A Statement (light berry pink), In Awe (plum), Rosy Outlook (peachy pink), and Inspire (nude baby pink) (L-R) 

Generally, my lips are very sensitive to lip glosses. Even if a gloss is not a "plumping" gloss, my lips feel uncomfortable and itchy because of the heavy, sticky, and tacky texture of glosses. So, I do not consider purchasing glosses too often, unless I get lured in my the promise of opaque color. 

Jane intense color glosses fulfill the promise of color and do not feel heavy or tacky. These glosses do stick to your lips to the extent that you do not have to reapply every 30 minutes. However, these glosses are not so sticky that you hesitate to move your lips as if you just got a treatment of Botox. 

I would like to point out that I did not have to pack on the gloss on my arm to achieve the full color swatches that you see in the pictures above. I obtained this amount of color in one to two swipes. So, you have the option to wear these glosses sheered down too. It is easier to come down than go up! In my opinion, it is easier to control application of makeup by sheering down than building up. 

*Update: After using one of the glosses religiously for the past several days, I would like to make a few more comments...

 The pigmentation of "Make A Statement" and "Inspire" was quite weak on my lips. I think these shades would look better on girls with lighter lips. "In Awe" is beautiful, but more appropriate for someone older and mature. I like a lip color to brighten up my complexion and felt this shade did not. "Rosy Outlook" is the one I absolutely adore. It is quite a unique shade. It is a peachy pink rather than a rose. I love the way it looks on me, simple and flirty. 

Lastly, I wish the packaging was different. I like glosses that can be applied with a brush (not sponge). The tube style of this gloss makes it very messy. However, I do acknowledge that the gloss remains sanitary as air and other materials don't get back into the tube as they do with the wand-style applicators. I suppose this is neither a pro or con; it's just a thought. 

I hope you all will consider trying Jane Cosmetics, especially right now in support of their campaign. It feels good to help a cause through a hobby one loves, i.e., makeup blogging. 

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  1. Those look gorgeous!! I'm not much for a gloss fan either unless the pigmentation is super good! I will have to check these out next time I'm at ulta.

  2. Jane Cosmetics were huuuggee when I was a preteen. It's good to know they're still around! Make A Statement and In Awe look so nice! :)



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