Thursday, November 21, 2013

BITE Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Cranberry (Holidays 2013 Limited Edition @ SEPHORA)

Hey Y'all!!!

Today, I would like to share with you a new, limited-edition, lip product for the upcoming Holiday season. 

BITE is one of my favorite brands for lip products. I own two creme lipsticks, Shiraz and Pepper, and another high pigment lip pencil in the shade Rhubarb. I have also recently purchased BITE's Cashmere gloss in the shade Port. BITE Cashmere glosses is a new addition by the brand. I have not tried it yet, but am looking forward to reviewing it for y'all soon. 

BITE Cranberry is one of the products I purchased from Sephora during their recent VIB sale. These lip pencils cost $25. I paid about $20 after using my VIB 20% off coupon. 

I am a big fan of multi-functional lip products, i.e., lipstick for full impact color, lip-pencil for the definition, lip-balm for the moisture and comfort, and gloss for a youthful plumping sheen. Therefore, I am a huge fan of this new and upcoming trend of chubby lip crayons. Personally, I don't think every brand that has released these chubby lip crayons has done so successfully. However, some brands have really mastered the design of these chubby lip crayons, such as Tarte, Revlon, and BITE. 

If you are currently in the market for a multi-functional lip product or a deep berry blue-red for the Holidays, then I would definitely recommend BITE's Cranberry. If you enjoy wearing and collecting red lipsticks, then BITE Cranberry is a must-have for you. Lastly, I think this would serve as a great gift for the makeup lovers in your life this Christmas. So, don't drive, but fly to the Sephora near you, because when I purchased mine, there were only two left in stock. 

Please be aware that not all Sephora stores carry a complete stock of BITE products. Some stores only carry BITE gift sets, which are usually displayed in the waiting area leading up to the cash registers. BITE Cranberry is sold as part of a gift set. It is sold separately only at the stores that carry the entire range of the BITE brand. I would suggest calling the store near you before making a trip. 

I would describe BITE Cranberry as a berry red with blue undertones. This product is highly, highly, highly pigmented! I was able to line, define, and fill in using a single product. Although BITE Cranberry is a creamy lip color, it is not overly buttery and provides a youthful plumping sheen effect of a gloss or liquid lipstick, without the stickiness or heaviness of a gloss or liquid lipstick. This lip product feels smooth on the lips and non-drying; it does not consume the natural moisture of your lips. 

I would like to give BITE Cranberry a perfect score of 5 on 5, for its superior pigmentation, beautiful color apt for the seasonal release, comfortable texture, multi-functional aspect, user-friendly design/packaging, and alleged "natural" ingredients. The staying power is average (i.e., eating/drinking = wear off and transfer), however, because of the rich pigmentation and depth of color, a stain remains on the lips once the product wears off. 

Do you like the sweater? It is available right now at Target for $29.99. Also, if you have the patience to set up a "coupon printer," has a "$5 off of $25 or more"up on the site right now. I adore this sweater because it is so cozy and colorful. My wardrobe consists of mostly monochrome and neutral solid shades, with too many black, white, and gray items, so this adds much needed vibrance. 

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  1. Love the sweater and how it goes with your lip pie! Cute! I have heard nothing but good things about Bite and I think it is high time I tried something from them. Thanks for the review Meesha!


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