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Today, I want to share my review of the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. Bite Beauty is one of my favorite brands. Dare I say it is my most favorite brand for lip products. I have tried Bite Beauty creme lipsticks, creamy matte lip pencils, and a cashmere lip cream.  I am especially fond of the brand's use of natural and fruit-based ingredients. 

Although I have a beauty blog, I am a simple winged eyeliner and lip color sort of gal. Sometimes I like a pop of color on the cheeks, but everything else (i.e., eye makeup) is tucked away in my drawer for special (rare) occasions. I don't own a foundation, primer, concealer, powder, highlighter, or anything of the like. 

So, most of my energy and passion for beauty products is focused on lip products. This means I am a beauty snob and have high standards when it comes to liking lip products. 

Bite Beauty lip products have not yet to seized to impress me. I'm consistently checking Sephora's website every now and then, hoping to find more colors and newer products from Bite Beauty. Honestly, if all of the shades in the creme lipsticks, creamy matte lip pencils, and cashmere lip creams collections suited my skin-tone, I would buy them all.

Writing this review is going to be difficult for me because as y'all can see I adore Bite Beauty.

Availability / Price 
Bite Beauty products are sold exclusively at Sephora and cost $26. Unfortunately, not all Sephora stores carry the complete collection of Bite Beauty products. Fortunately, I have moved back and forth between three States within the last few years for law school and internship purposes, so some of the stores located near me as well as the store in my hometown have sold the complete range of Bite Beauty products. 

The packaging on this lip mask reminds me of a medicated ointment tube. The dent in the picture is where I pressed to squeeze out the product. I have to use a little bit of muscle to squeeze out the product. The packaging is made out of a tough material, probably a tougher plastic, but it does not feel as squeezable as one would imagine plastic to be. 

I was well aware of the appearance of the tube before I purchased this lip mask and knew that this tube would not stay as smooth as it comes. The more I will use this product, the packaging will look more bent-out-of-shape and crinkled as did the tester that I had seen in Sephora. 
However, the packaging did not stray me away from purchasing this product. 

Formula / Texture / Scent 
This lip mask feels like a very thick jelly. The stickiness and thickness reminds me of honey. This lip mask tastes delicious and sweet. The scent is pleasant, warm, fruity and nutty sweet, sort of like a coconut-vanilla desert with a hint of orange. 

I feel slightly uneasy when I first apply this mask. The thickness of this product seals (locks) in my lips and my lip area becomes warm. I feel a tingling sensation, but it is not a cool-tingling or cool-prickly sensation; it is warm. 

I apply this product with my index finger. The warmth of my finger makes the product softer and easier to spread across the lips. The product is thick and emollient, but not a buttery soft. 
The lip mask looks like a clear gloss with a yellow tint.  If you look at the pictures below carefully, then you will notice the yellowish tint on my hand, but it is not as apparent on the lips. 

This lip mask can be worn during the day or at night, but I would suggest not wearing this lip mask, while exposed to sunlight. The skin surrounding the lip area is very thin and sensitive. It can get sunburned easily with only slight sun exposure. A few years ago I watched a documentary on skin cancer and the dermatologists in this documentary warned against wearing lip gloss in daylight because of its reflective properties. A lip gloss with sunscreen is essentially counterproductive. 
I would recommend wearing this product at nighttime before going to sleep, which is exactly how I use it. 

Can you wear this lip mask under lip color? Yes, but depends on personal preference. In the picture below, I selected the most dry lip product I own (Flower Beauty Velvet Lip Pencil). The lip mask is so thick and glossy that it trasnformed a richly pigmented matte lip color into a sheer wash of color. I want to point out the difference between the lip mask and a lip balm. The Fresh Sugar is a fairly thicker lip balm in comparison to others. 

(Lip Mask + Lip Color)

(Flower Beauty Velvet Lip Pencil + Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Rose / No Lip Mask)

(Natural Lips / No Lip Mask)

(With Lip Mask)

Results / Overall 
Would I repurchase this product? Unfortunately, no I will not. I think it is more of a luxury (extra) item in my collection and not a staple or necessity. My lips have been dry lately (more than the normal, i.e., minimal dehydration) and I have been using this product for two weeks with no long-term improvement. This product only gave temporary comfort, but did not treat the dryness. I tested a bunch of lip colors last Friday night, hopping from ULTA to Dillard's Dior to Kohl's Beauty Dept., and my lips were burning, plump, irritated, and very dry that night. I am so upset with myself for doing that to my lips. I felt so guilty that night and still do, so I am going to be more careful now onwards. I don't want to get lip wrinkles because I kept applying and removing lip colors with dry coarse tissue. I was hoping that this lip mask would come to my rescue. 

It does feel pleasant in the moment, but it did not really help me. It does not have sunscreen and is too glossy to be worn as a balm with sunscreen, which is what I need. My lip area gets sunburned very easily, which is a bigger problem for me than chapped lips. The Bite Beauty Lip Mask is like a dashingly handsome man that can say the rights things and make you feel ou la la, but it is not like the humble gentleman who will walk miles in the snow to see you because he does not have a car and take his skimpy jacket off for you so you are not feeling cold. 

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  1. Oh my gosh your little analogy at the end was perfect! Loved it. GREAT review, honestly thank you because you just saved me money. I had this in my sephora cart and now it is out. I was really hoping it would do much more for being such a luxury item. And take care of your poor lips :( Now I am all concerned about lip wrinkles ahh!


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