Monday, February 17, 2014

FLOWER BEAUTY Kiss Me Twice Lip & Cheek Chubby in Raisin the Roof, Apricot-a-lot, Think Pink, & Rosie Posie...

Hey y'all! If y'all follow me on Instagram, then y'all have been seeing pictures of these new Lip and Cheek Chubbies I bought from Walmart. I have also purchased other new products from Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty Spring release. For now I am going to start off with a review on this two-in-one lip and cheek product. 

I purchased four of the five shades displayed in my local Walmart. The fifth shade that I did not purchase was a deep hot fuchsia shade, which I thought would not suit my skin-tone. 

I must begin my review by saying that this was a difficult product to test out. I am quite boggled by this product. Although this is a two-in-one product, I preferred one shade shade for the lips, another shade for the cheeks, and neither of the remaining shades for either lips or cheeks. 

Availability / Price: Walmart, $9.99 


Image #1: Rosie Posie, Think Pink, Apricot-a-lot, and Raisin the Roof
Image #2: Raisin the Roof, Rosie Posie, Apricot-a-lot, and Think Pink

Color / Pigmentation 

On the arms... 

Image #1: top to bottom shades Apricot-a-lot, Think Pink, Rosie Posie, and Raisin the Roof 
Image #2: same shades blended out 

On the lips... 

Raisin the Roof is a deep berry red. This is the only shade that applied appropriately on the lips. It felt and looked like velvet. Very pigmented! 

Think Pink is a bright hot pink with a yellow undertone. On the lips, this shade looks lighter and more like a bubble gum pink. From a far I think it looks normal, but as you get closer it looks unusually patchy and dry. I would not even describe it as matte. I even tried lip balm, which did not improve the appearance whatsoever. Very pigmented! 

Rosie Posie is a dusty mauve-pink with a brown base. On my lips, this shade looks like a baby pink, but chalky and powdery as you can see in the picture below. Optimal pigmentation for a natural looking blush. 

Apricot-a-lot is a light peach. On my lips, this shade looks chalky and white as you can see in the picture below. Poor pigmentation on the cheeks. I did not bother taking a picture of this on my cheeks because it did not show up at all. 

Formula: Cream to powder.
Texture: Applies wet, but dries fast. 
Application: The product dries fast. It turns from cream to a powder that sort of sticks in place very quickly. The product is difficult to control and blend. I used a lot of force to blend it out, which did not feel pleasant. 
Longevity: two to three hours. 

On the cheeks... 

Image #1: Raisin the Roof / Image #2: Rosie Posie 

Images #1-3: Think Pink 

In these pictures I'm demonstrating for y'all how I applied these. First, I applied Think Pink in a horizontal tear drop shape or in the shape of my cheek bones. Second, I used the Elf Stippling Brush (Target $3) for this shade (Think Pink) and the Real Techniques Buffing Brush (ULTA $8.99) for other three shades. Finally, I thought I may have applied too much product, so I used a towel to buff it out. At this point, I concluded that I had roughhoused with my poor cheeks and felt immense guilt. I turned 25 a few weeks ago and am experiencing the quarter-life-crisis and treating my physical appearance (skin, hair, etc.) as a fleeting moment to capture and cherish while it lasts. 

In a nutshell... 
I liked Raisin the Roof as a lip color and Rosie Posie as a cheek color. Although I liked the concept behind the product, I am not at all impressed by the execution. Honestly, $9.99 is a hefty price to pay for a two-in-one product that is only partially meeting its function. I was really looking forward to trying these, but now I am feeling overwhelmed by the fact that I bought four of them and cannot wait to return them. As a beauty blogger I invest a lot in purchasing products to review for my readers, but I it would not feel right to waste hard earned money on something I cannot imagine using ever again. I would not even give these away to someone. Lastly, I want to point out that typically creme blushes are recommended for individuals with dry skin, right! Or am I wrong? Well, when I was applying these, I thought to myself that maybe if I had an emollient base on like foundation, I could maybe blend these blushes better rather than tugging at my cheeks with my stippling or buffing brushes. 

  • Color Selection 
  • Excellent Pigmentation (except Apricot-a-lot) 
  • Cute "Chubby" Packaging 

  • Expensive for drug-store makeup or Walmart makeup. 
  • Time consuming - not meant for someone who applies makeup on the go, at a stop sign, or at a red light. 
  • Hard to control and blend product 
  • Application process is rough on cheeks
  • Application will not be easy for makeup beginners 
  • Formula / Texture is tough to decipher - is it a cream, a powder, or a sticky powder? 

Well, that's all folks. Have a beautiful day! 

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  1. Interesting...they look so cute though! Thanks for the amazing review---now I know not to waste my money. And don't worry about your quarter life look flawless and glowing. But I totally understand you---I'm like oh I only have like 6 more years left looking pretty ahhhh

  2. Oh nooo! I've mostly been reading good stuff about that line! Hope you get to make the returns :)


  3. I absolutely love the Rosie Posie on you ,it suits your skin tone . Nice review.



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