Thursday, February 20, 2014

COVERGIRL Lip Perfection Lip Color in Delicious (Pastelicious Collection)

Hey y'all!!! Today, I am reviewing Cover Girl's Lip Perfection Lip Color in Delicious

I adore lilac, lavender, and mauve shades. Although these shades look very flattering as nail colors my hands, I have not had the best luck finding one that suits me in the form of a lip color. 

It's sort of ironic how trends change. I remember when matching lips and nails or cheeks and lips was a fashion no no, but I am under the impression that it is quite trendy at present. Boy o boy! I would be ever so ecstatic if I found the ideal lilac, lavender, or mauve shades for me to pair up with the overwhelming number of nail polishes I have in these particular shades. 

When I saw the display of the Pastelicious collection at my Walgreens, I was thrilled over the moon about it. Walgreens had marked down the Cover Girl lipsticks to $6.99 about a month ago. My Beau bought it as part of my birthday makeup shopping escapade. 

I had seen a couple of swatches, but not many, and no reviews at all. Inferring from the few swatches I saw online and the colored cube at the bottom of the lipstick tube, I assumed Delicious was a deep mauve-pink shade. It definitely looks like that  swatched on my arm, right? I shrieked with joy when I swatched it on my arm. 

However, once I brought it up to my face to apply it on the lips, I got a whiff of the lipstick and it was not pleasant. I recently reviewed a Cover Girl lipstick from the Bombshell Collection, which also had a strong scent, but it was not unpleasant or unbearable as this one. I would describe the scent as a strong plastic smell, not medicinal, but rather unnatural and obviously not pleasant, like fruity or floral or sweet  scents. 

Lastly, after finally applying it on my lips, I did not like the color at all. I removed it right away. I tried it once more and applied a pink gloss on top, but it did not look good on me. I felt clownish wearing this shade because it turned into a bright, pastel, milky lavender shade on my lips. 

Ugh! At this point I am utterly confused. I think I need to read a book about undertones - warm, cool, neutral, blue, yellow. Some blue-reds, not all, definitely suit me, but blue-toned pinks don't suit me. It is as if these shades transform from blue to yellow toned on me and make my teeth looks yellower than Shrek's (slight exaggeration). Yes, my teeth are not pearly white, but they are a natural white, and pretty decent given that I am an avid coffee drinker. I need someone to explain this trick on the eyes, please! I think that warmer mauve lip colors that one would associate with the Fall/Autumn season look nice on me, but the lighter, more Springy shades do not. So, unfortunately, Orchid is definitely not my lip color of the year. I stay far away from blue-purple toned pinks and yellow, orange, and brown toned reds. The boring warm and neutral tones keep me good company. 

This is a creme formulation and it feels creamy. This shade applies smoothly and appears opaque in one to two swipes. Generally, I find that the Lip Perfection formula is drying. Now, I don't want to mislead y'all with this statement. It makes my lips look dry and feel dry, while I am wearing it, but it does not suck the moisture out of my lips like Stila Stay All Day liquid lipsticks or any true matte, highly pigmented, staining lipsticks. The deeper shade (Ravish from the Bombshell) collection, which I reviewed a few posts ago, did not look as drying as this one. I attribute that to Delicious being a lighter and pastel shade, while Ravish was a deeper reddish-pink shade. 

Overall, I would only recommend this lipstick to those who are not sensitive to the strong, cosmetic-plastic, scent and like such shades. Before purchasing this lipstick, the swatches I found were on fairer skin-tones. This shade looks much brighter and pastel-like on my beige skin-tone, while it looked like a subtle mauve-pink on them. 

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  1. Great review! This is definitely not for me either. I am not buying into the violet trend, it makes me look a little sickly. I hate that plasticky smell as well!

  2. Ah! I own a few CoverGirl lipsticks, and the smell is exactly like what you said! Plastic and strong! Eeks. I always have the problem of swatching a lip product on my arm thinking that it's going to look great on my lips, but I always forget that my lips are naturally a warm pink/red-ish color, so it totally looks off when I apply it on my lips! Hate that! Great review by the way!

  3. I can't pull off lilac lipsticks either. It makes me look very sallow. I also had a similar experience using MAC Angel, which everyone seemed to rave about. It just ended up looking purple and making my skin look yellow haha. Thanks for the review :)



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