Monday, February 10, 2014

Maybelline Color Sensational "The Buffs" Lipsticks in Touchable Taupe, Truffle Tease, Stormy Sahara, and Untainted Spice (Part 2)

Hey y'all! 

Yep! Yep! I bought not one more, but four more shades from the Maybelline Color Sensational "The Buffs" collection. I used a $1.25 off Target coupon on each. Originally, these cost $4.99 at Target. 

In this post, I will provide swatches and a brief updated review. Please click here to read my complete in-depth review of these new lipsticks from Maybelline. The first two colors I purchased from this collection are called Sin-a-Mon and Espresso Exposed, which the colors y'all will read about in the in-depth review post. The second time around, I purchased showing Stormy Sahara, Untainted Spice, Truffle Tease, and Touchable Taupe. 

Truffle Tease and Untainted Spice (L-R)
Stormy Sahara and Touchable Taupe (L-R)

Touchable Taupe (taupe-beige, but surprisingly equally gray, but more brown version of Sin-a-Mon) 

Truffle Tease (medium nude, i.e., corpse look for olive/beige skin-tones) 

Stormy Sahara (peachy nude)

Untainted Spice (deep rosy pink with a brown undertone)

Updated Review / Brief Overview
I think my two favorite shade out of the four shades above are Stormy Sahara and Truffle Tease. I really like Sin-a-Mon (see Part 1), so I think I should not have purchased Touchable Taupe as well. The two shades are quite similar, but I like Sin-a-Mon more. Sin-a-Mon is a milkier version of Touchable Taupe, with less brown and equal amount of gray. Sin-a-Mon seems trendier and more unique. 

I definitely did not need Untainted Spice. It is a better version of my natural lip color. Surprisingly, Untainted Spice is also the sheer shade of the bunch because as y'all can see in the picture above, it looks like it has a sheen and is not fully opaque. Unfortunately, I don't see myself reaching out for Untainted Spice at all, so I might return it. 

"The Buffs" is my favorite collection of the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks. I am now tempted to try the red-orange shade from "The Vivids" collection. Perhaps, I will exchange Untainted Spice for it. 

I have a tendency to shop for nail polishes in the drug-stores and lip products at more high-end stores, like Sephora, ULTA, and select department stores.    My brain automatically shuts out high-end nail polishes and I really don't know why and vise versa for lip products. Overall, I am a proponent of high-end lip products, unless a drug-store one seems like it deserves a second look. I would much rather buy one lip product I love and cannot stray away from rather than a few for the same price that I like, but can let go of. However, writing a beauty blog focused mainly on reviews has made me more experimental and as a result I have come across a few treasurable lip products at the drugstore. So, what makes "The Buffs"standout to me? 

What do I appreciate about these lipsticks? I appreciate that these nude shades apply so uniformly and opaque on my medium-pigmented lips in two or three swipes. These nude shades have deep brown and gray undertones, which creates a balance between warm and cool tones, making these nudes flattering for warmer, deeper, tanned, olive, and beige skin-tones. 
These lipsticks are creamy, but semi-matte.  I recommend using a dab of gloss to add shine to these shades, but only if you want the sheen effect (except for Untainted Spice). Personally, I would not use a gloss because I think the high-sheen effect would take away from the original charm of these nude shades. 
These lipsticks glide on smoothly, feel creamy on the lips, and are not dehydrating, but do not expect these to add hydration or moisturize your lips. After testing these lipsticks out for about a month now, I have observed that after the product has been on your lips for some time, reapplication might be necessary (per personal preference) for the lipstick to appear creamy again because the product tends to set in place like a semi-matte stain (without the staining power of course as this is not a stain). I am planning to wear a lip balm with these lipsticks because I prefer a creamy semi-matte appearance instead of fully matte nude lips. 
The mild cosmetic scent (i.e., mixture of candy and plastic) of these lipsticks are not bother me. I don't even notice a scent unless I intentionally sniff the tube. The scent is not as overpowering as the scent of the Cover Girl Lip Perfection and Milani Color Statement lipsticks. 
Lastly, I think the staying power of these lipsticks is quite good. Of course eating and drinking will cause color to transfer and wear off. 

Well, this synopsis is not brief at all as I had aimed it to be when I began writing this post, but please do take a look at the Part 1 post as well. Thanks! 

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  1. I definitely need to pick up more of these. Really helpful Meesha! It is always so awesome when drugstore brands do some lippies right!

  2. Wooow these looks pretty, I need to get some of these. Thank you for the review..

  3. OOH! I love Truffle Tease and Untainted Spice! Very pretty swatches!

  4. Ugh, I want those colors so badly! But I can't stand the scent of the Maybelline Colorsensational Lipsticks :( *sigh* Thanks for the swatches! Will definitely be looking elsewhere for similar colors:)


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