Friday, May 17, 2013


Boy oh boy! Warning! Makeup overload! This post contains toxic levels of lippies!  

Today I have a large collective beauty haul to share with all of you beauty fans out there. A little while back I posted my first official beauty blogger makeup haul. I enjoy watching and reading about makeup hauls. I especially enjoy hauls that introduce me to new products in the market. So when I embarked on my first large collective drugstore makeup shopping spree, I thought to obviously blog about it. A lot of my readers enjoyed that post, so I have decided to post a makeup haul at least once every season. Today's post is dedicated to high-end beauty brands. 

After following Youtube beauty gurus who often rave about Asian beauty products and skincare, I have been yearning to try some of these amazing products for myself. Although Shiseido is also available here in the States, there are certain products that are exclusive to the Asian market. Sometime last year I had read about the Asia exclusive shades of Shiseido Lacquer Rouge Lipsticks and was really drawn to these shades. I felt that these particular shades would suit well with my skin tone. Of course there was no way for me to purchase these lip colors in the States, unless I bought them online, which I did not want to. I'm not a big fan of online shopping. 

Something strange happens with me sometimes... I'll desire or subconsciously wish for something, then with time it will slip my mind, and then somehow the impossible becomes possible. I know! I know, how philosophical, right? You all must be thinking, "c'mon this is a beauty blog, not" I suppose it is simply a coincidence that this happens or maybe I read too deeply into matters. Anyways, my point is that my Beau had to go to Hong Kong for a work trip and was able to bring back the lip colors I had "desired" over a year ago. My Beau sent me this picture of a massive makeup store at the Hong Kong International Airport, captioned "I found your paradise." 

I really liked the Shiseido lip products from Hong Kong, so I decided to purchase some more when Sephora had its VIB sale last month. I also purchased some new products released by BITE Beauty and Benefit Cosmetics during the sale. Lastly, I would like to mention that last month the Asia exclusive shades were released in the U.S. So, the shades that I have mentioned in this post are now available to U.S. residents and are no longer exclusive to Shiseido in Asia. 

Anyways, enjoy the haul and I will be posting up reviews of all of the products soon. 

Part 1: Hong Kong Haul - Shiseido & Dolly Wink 

Dolly Wink Liquid Pen Eye Liner - Blackest Black (USD $15 - 20) 
Shiseido Lacquer Rouge Lipstick(s) - RS 312 Sunstone, RD 607 Nocturne (USD $25 each) 
Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick - RS 745 Fantasia (USD $25) 

Here is a little sneak peak of the shades! Reviews and swatches will be posted soon!

*Samples w/ Purchase* I will be giving these samples away because all of them are anti-aging products, which I don't need or believe in. Aging is an inevitable part of life, but it can be delayed by simple, natural, and inexpensive means, such as proper sleep and diet and maintaing a calm temperament - dermatologists recommended. 

Part 2: SEPHORA VIB Sale Haul - Shiseido, BITE, BENEFIT

*New* Benefit Long-wear Powder Shadow - Nude Swings ($20)
*New* BITE Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil(s) - Meritage, Amarone, Rhubarb ($24 each)
*New Limited Edition* BITE Beauty Matte Creme Lipstick - Pastille Lavender ($24)

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge Lipstick(s) - RD 305 Nymph, RD 309 Carnelian ($25 each) 
Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick - PK 303 Pink Mesa ($25)
Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer Lipstick - BR 503 Society ($25)

The End! 

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  1. I am seriously jealous and need to buy something, anything, to get over it! I'm also looking forward to your reviews of Shiseido Lacquer Rouge, esp. the staying power, before I buy it.

    1. Aw! LOL Yes, I will be posting a review soon because I am really excited about these liquid lippies! :)
      I have another mini haul to post... don't be jelly jelly, just get inspired to try out more makeup.

  2. Dizzy @_@. Oh my, I should make a trip to Asia soon :(. I want :(((
    Great haul Meesha.

  3. Ahhhh everything looks so pretty, can't wait to see reviews. If I ever went to Asia I'm sure I'd go bankrupt with all the shopping there. They seem to have such nicer cosmetic colours than we do in the West.

  4. Hey girl. That is a big haul. I really love the liquid lipsticks. Are you happy with them?
    xoxo Nika


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