Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge Lipsticks - 305 Nymph, 309 Carnelian, 312 Sunstone, 607 Nocturne

Attention! Attention! 
Calling attention to all liquid lip color fans about the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge Lipsticks. I am so glad I decided to give these lip colors a try. Moreover, I have been looking forward to sharing my thoughts on this amazing lip product with all of you. 

The packaging of the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge Lipsticks is not fascinating. The black tube is not particularly cute or classy. It is quite simple; not bulky or heavy. The label at the bottom of the tube displays a number and not the name of the shade, which I think is inconvenient. Personally, it is easier for me to remember a shade by its name rather than a number. However, this may not be an issue for some of you. 


Formula / Application / Pigmentation / Longevity 
The formula and staying power of these lipsticks is phenomenal. The application is a little tricky and varies with different shades. The pigmentation is also variable from one shade to the other. First, you will notice that not a lot of product comes out when you pull out the standard sponge tip applicator. So, you may feel the need to apply a couple swipes.

The concept of a liquid lipstick really attracts me, however, I have never liked the texture of the ones I have tried. They have felt tacky, like thick liquid plastic, and drying. 

Shiseido Lacquer Rouse Lipsticks feel like the "optimal" gloss. "Optimal" seems to be my favorite word to use in my blog posts to describe flawlessness. This gloss is unlike other glosses because it does not feel sticky or heavy like if you have placed tape on your lips. It feels lightweight and smooth. With the exception of Carnelian, the other shades did not dry out my lips. Carnelian was my least liked shade because once applied on the lips, golden orange shimmer appeared, and in some lighting it made my lips look frosty, dated, and dry. 

The pigmentation is medium to full opacity depending on the shade. However, the more pigmented the lipstick, the more careful and tricky the application becomes. For example, you cannot wear Nocturne as effortlessly as the other shades. I first carefully outline my lips with the sponge tip applicator and then fill in the rest of the lips to create a uniform appearance. 

Lastly, given that these lip colors are liquid and not a traditional matte lipstick or a stain, the staying power is nonetheless commendable. Nocturne obviously has the best staying power. After a few hours (more than three or four), these lipsticks slightly and uniformly fade into a more subtle shade. You may not feel the need to reapply as I don't. These colors have lasted quite well through meals and drinks.

Overall, I would really recommend Shiseido Lacquer Rouge Lipsticks. Not to be melodramatic, but I am especially in love with the shade called Sunstone, which was initially only released in Asia. I liked it so much that I wanted to purchase a backup of it. I opted to try different colors rather than buying a backup. Do you like liquid lipsticks? Yes? Do you like pigmented glosses? Yes? Do you hate matte stains, but want a liquid lip color that is more long lasting than a standard buttery creamy lipstick? Yes? Well, yes, of course give Shiseido Lacquer Rouge Lipsticks a try! Yes! Yes! Yes! 

The Colors!
309 Carnelian, 305 Nymph, 607 Nocturne, 312 Sunstone - top to bottom

Carnelian - a sheer creamy brownish peach with golden orange shimmer (my least favorite because of the shimmer; looks dated and feels drying; the shimmer only shows up on the lips, not otherwise on the sponge tip applicator or on my arm in the previous picture above) 

Nymph - a creamy brownish medium pink (Shiseido MUA told me that this is the most popular and best selling shade of the Lacquer Rouge collection) 

Nocturne - a creamy deep blue-toned cranberry red 

Sunstone - a light plumy pink with extremely subtle golden shimmer (my favorite!!!) 

The End... 


  1. "Phenomenal" staying power? I'm in. I love the look of Nymph.

  2. these all looks amazing. I'm in love with the shiseido gel liner but have never tried anything else from them. I will definitely be looking at more of their products

  3. Nocturne and sunstone look so pretty (: I love Sheseido generally so will definitely give this a go..
    TiTi's Corner!

  4. Nymph looks gorgeous! All the colours look great!

    Btw I'm hosting a giveaway over on my blog if you want to take part? :)

  5. Nocturn looks beautiful on you! I like that one the best. You've got great lips.

    1. Aw! Thank you. Nocturne is the boldest one of the bunch. I was kind of reluctant to wear it at first. :)


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