Tuesday, May 7, 2013

CoverGirl Outlast Nail Polish in Ever Bloom

Anyone looking for a subtle barbie pink nail color? Well, your search might be over once you get your hands on this gorgeous new shade from the CoverGirl Outlast nail polish collection, called Ever Bloom

I was strolling through Kroger (a grocery store) looking for fresh strawberries when I became distracted by the yellow sale tags in the cosmetic isle. I just could not resist myself. So, as I was looking at the various cosmetic brands, I noticed that the display of the CoverGirl Outlast nail polish collection looked quite extensive. Of course not as extensive as the color range of Essie polishes, but still a bit impressive. I ended up selecting two colors. As I was standing in line to pay for them, the cashier asked me if I wanted to try the polishes. I must have had a contemplative expression on my face. Although "shopping is my cardio," I must often have this facial expression while standing in line to pay for the items I have opted to buy because spending money, whatsoever the amount might be, makes me feel guilty. While waiting, I engage in a process of convincing myself that I do not need another nail polish. Anyways, he asked me to show my hand and painted one streak of each color on my thumbnail. A few people were waiting behind me in line, but I was really appreciative of the patience of the customers waiting behind me and the friendly (non-mechanical) nature of the cashier. Selective shades of this collection were a dollar off ($3.99 from $4.99). Of course the colors I chose were not on sale, but the kind cashier adjusted the price for me, so ultimately I was able to get the discount. 

Although I quite the "girly" girl - pampered, shy, and consumed with fashion and beauty, surprisingly I am not that fond of pink. I prefer lilac and lavender shades for a dainty look and bright to deep reds for a fierce, classy look. I believe that CoverGirl's Ever Bloom is the first medium-toned pink that I have liked so very much.  I like that this shade is not a bright neon hot pink, washed out pastel strawberry yogurt pink, or a Peptobismol pink. I would describe this shade as a softer and mature version of a barbie pink. It has a subtle lavender undertone, which you may not notice in dim light, but I have captured it in the images. Although this color does appear a bit cool toned, I think it would suit any skin tone. 

The formula of this polish is an opaque creme, not thin and runny or thick and gooey. The application was effortless. I applied two colors and Essie's Good to Go top coat. I have heard that the marketing feature of these Outlast polishes is that the polish is a base coat, color, and top coat all encompassed in one product. However, I still felt the need to add my own top coat in order to dry the polish quickly and add shine. 

I think CoverGirl's Ever Bloom is going to be my new favorite nail polish for a while. I wore this polish today and coincidentally it was a pleasant and productive day. I have been on cloud nine since this afternoon because I was happy and contented with my performance on a three hour long Family Law final exam earlier today. I like associating things I wear with joyful memories and uplifting moments because the next time I wear it, I begin my day with the attitude that it is going to be another wonderful and fortunate day. I hope good health, happiness, love, and success are "ever blooming" for all of you out there. 

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  1. Love this color!! I have yet to try the new Cover Girl nail polishes. Their bottles are so chic!!


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