Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oxblood Nail Trend: CoverGirl Outlast Nail Polish "Wine to Five"

Today I would like to share another nail color "love." Of course posting an oxblood manicure may not be appropriate right now as we transition from Spring into Summer. 

I was searching for an oxblood nail color all throughout this past autumn and winter seasons. Although a lot of "oxblood" nail polishes caught my eye, nothing really fascinated me. I was especially disappointed with the formula of the oxblood polishes I found. Every polish I tried was thin and runny, so they applied messy and patchy.  

CoverGirls "Wine to Five" is the first oxblood shade that has impressed me. Initially, I thought that "Wine to Five" was a tad boring and more of a "mature" shade.  I suppose I did not like it at first because it reminded me of the autumn and winter seasons - the snow that makes me feel claustrophobic, bulky layered clothing, lifeless trees, and puffy gray clouds. Yuck!!! I began to like it more after wearing it for a little while. In particular I liked that this shade was not too maroon or brown or black. I would describe "Wine to Five" as a blackened raspberry or a red grape shade. 

The formula of this polish is an opaque creme, not thin and runny or thick and gooey. The application was effortless. I applied two coats and added Essie's Good to Go top coat. The marketing feature of these Outlast polishes is that the polish is a three-in-one product - base coat, color, and top coat. I still felt the need to add my own top coat to speed up the drying process and add a glossy effect. 

Lastly, I really like the packaging of the CoverGirl Outlast polishes because it reminds me of high-end nail polish bottles. I have noticed that most high end polishes - NARS, YSL, LANCOME, MAC, ESTEE LAUDER, CLINIQUE, CHANEL, BUTTER LONDEN, ILLAMASQUA, GIVENCHY - have a cubic shape, where the bottom and top are the same size. Am I making sense? I find that most inexpensive polishes have a wide bottom and a narrow long top. I feel like the cube or rounded sort of packing looks more compact and classy than the vase triangular shape. Well, I hope that made sense! 

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