Friday, September 13, 2013

BUTTER LONDON Lippy Tinted Balm Black Cherry and Abbey Rose

Butter London first made its debut with a range of high-end nail polishes. The Butter London polishes have become a cult favorite. Butter London recently branched out and released lip and cheek products. 

Of all the new products, the Butter London Lippy Tinted Balms intrigued me enough to empty my wallet. I purchased two out of the five shades that were on display at ULTA. These lip balms cost $19 each. The shades I chose are Black Cherry and Abbey Rose. 

First, I do not consider these lip products to be balms. The Butter London Lippy Tinted Balms (BLLTB) are not lip balms in my opinion, rather they are medium-to-full opacity lip sticks. The color payoff of these BLLTB's  definitely exceeds that of a tinted balm. Abbey Rose is sheer as compared to Black Cherry, but both colors can be built up or subdued. 

Second, I would not even compare these lipsticks to buttery, creamy, or glossy lipsticks. In fact, these appear rather sheen-less on the lips and feel very slightly drying. 

Lastly, I do appreciate the wear-time of Black Cherry as well as its color. Black Cherry is such a classy, gorgeous shade for Autumn and Winter months. It a blackened reddish grape shade. I returned Abbey Rose because I didn't care for the color or formula, but I am in love with the Black Cherry shade. Black Cherry wears off into a stain on my lips after about four hours, unless you eat, but either ways it leaves a tint deepening my natural lip color as if I have eaten something spicy. 

For such a high price point and especially because of the "balm" label, I was expecting an amazing formula. Although the formula is not amazing or what someone would expect from a "balm" by a brand that has "butter" in its name, I would not completely dismiss the BLLTBs. I don't want to absolutely sway you away from trying the BLLTBs out, provided you find a shade you really adore.

~ Black Cherry ~
See lip swatches below. 

~ Abbey Rose ~ 
  I don't have swatches of Abbey Rose because I returned it. 

Black Cherry on the lips... 

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  1. Such a pretty color. I need to look into this one because I don't think I have anything like it!

  2. I love BL nail polishes but their makeup hasn't really appealed to me (yet).


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