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Shoes and Handbags Haul and Review: Coach, Michael Kors, ALDO, DSW, etc.

Shoes and Sandals!

Rock and Candy by ZiGi Carolina Wedge Sandals (Mint Green) 
(Sold at Belk. On clearance right now for $11.25 from $45.00) 
The mint green wedges, my first purchase over the Summer, were a big disappointment. While walking around in Belk, the sandals felt lightweight and comfortable. However, after wearing them for a whole day, which included a trip to the mall, airport, temple, chipotle, and park, my feet were immensely strained and pained. I think I wore furry slippers for a week after that horrible experience. I have not dared to wear the mint sandals since June. 

Croft & Barrow Boat Shoes (Coral / Navy)
(Sold at Kohl's. Currently, available in coral online for $21.97, marked down from $59.99.)
I really like the Sperry boat shoe style, but they don't look good on me. The shape of the Sperry's does not flatter the shape of my feet. I don't like shoes that are narrow or bulky, making my feet look long or unwieldy. Luckily, the affordable alternative boat shoes flatter the shape of my feet and are feminine enough for my liking. These are a comfortable option to throw on when you are on the go and want something casual and effortless to wear. I am a big fan of nautical themed anything! These shoes obviously do give off a nautical vibe. 

Zigi Soho Serenity Patent Pumps (Nude) 
(Sold at DSW for $39.95.) 
I really like the unique shape of these pumps. They look slightly different than traditional pumps or stilettos. I like that these pumps are rounded rather than pointy in the front and have a thicker heel. Although the heel on these pumps is much shorter than the famous sexy Jessica Simpson nude pumps, these shoes are still an option for young women, who dislike heels, but do not want to wear shoes that are too mature for their age. However, as far as quality and comfort is concerned, these shoes are awful. The mock patent leather scuffed off of the back of the heel on one of my shoes, which makes it too very ugly and uncouth. It is difficult to believe that I have only worn these shoes maybe less than five or six times in the last couple of months and the scuffing has already occurred. These shoes cannot be warn on a warm summer day. You will get blisters! These shoes cannot be worn for a busy day that entails walking and standing. You will get blisters! I am one to really pamper my feet because I want them to look youthful and dainty forever and ever, so I am a fan of cushiony soft wide-set flats. It is really difficult for me to find the right pair of shoes. So, once I find it, I buy the same kind in different colors, and have a shoe uniform situation going on, but that's alright. 

ALDO TASINA Wedge Sandals (Cognac and Ice) 
(Sold at ALDO. On sale for $34.98, marked down from $70.00.) 
I have the least to say about these sandals, but ironically these are my favorite footwear purchase of the Summer other than the reptile gladiator sandals below. I suppose less is more here as I have no complaints with these sandals. Comfortable. Gorgeous. Not only do these sandals make me taller, my legs appear long and slim. These sandals pair nicely with skinny jeans or a flirty dress. I danced in these sandals for more than three hours and my feet and joints were not strained or pained. I have worn these to the mall and work without any discomfort. I love these sandals so much that I don't want to wear them as often as I am tempted to out of fear of wearing them out. 

Sofft Reptile Gladiator Sandals 
(Approx. $35.00, marked down from over $60.) 
I found these in the red-tag clearance section of the shoe department in Dillard's. These sandals are not available online. 
I adore these sandals a lot! I am so glad I found them and they fit me because I did not see any additional pairs of this one. I did not have anything quite like this in my shoe collection, so a definite treasure! The soles feel cushiony soft and provide very comfortable wear for a full school day. I like the little half inch wedge heel, which provides subtle arch and elevation. I appreciate the little elevation because flat sandals with thin soles are as uncomfortable as five inch pencil heels and can cause strain for naturally arched feet. 

Kelly & Katie Phoebe Flat Sandals (Tan)
(Sold at DSW for $39.95.)
 I purchased these a couple of days ago and have not had a chance to wear them yet to be able to review these. I have a couple of sandals similar to these, which are very comfortable. I own two wedges by the Kelly & Katie brand, which are also lightweight, comfortable, and sturdy like the ALSO TASINA sandals mentioned above. Kelly & Katie is also one of the affordable brand options available at DSW, when comparing to Steve Madden or Guess. 

Handbags and a Wallet!

I have not used these items yet, except for the Coach purse. I am waiting for a special occasion, like the Holidays or my birthday. The Michael Kors handbag ($248) is available at Dillard's, Macy's, Belk, and Nordstrom. The Coach wallet (approx. $80-90) is from a Coach Factory Outlet store. The Coach purse (approx. $80-90) is available at Dillard's and Belk and is currently on sale. Michael Kors and Coach are my favorite brands for purses and wallets. 

I adore this deep taupe-brown color. It will pair well with Autumn and Winter apparel. Although the Coach wallet is a very bright reddish orange, typically a summery shade, I think it will still look fashionable during Autumn / Fall. 

I will be posting up a "look-book: outfit of the day(s)" soon featuring some of the items mentioned above. I hope you found this post enjoyable and helpful.

*The links included in this post are not affiliate links. I am not benefitted or enriched in any manner by including these links. I have included the links to the items for the reader's convenience and also to show the availability of the items. I have not included the links for the handbags and wallet because these items are available at several different stores and are either limited in quantity sale items or full priced items. 

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