Saturday, September 7, 2013

L'Oreal Le Lacque Lip Color #411 Never Lacque-ing

The other day I purchased a lip color from the L'Oreal Le Lacque and Le Matte collection to review on my blog. I decided to hold off on purchasing a Le Matte lip color because I did not want twice the amount of disappointment. Yes, I was a wee bit hesitant to try out these new lip products as my experience with the colour riche lip balms and Caresse wet shine lip stains was bad. 

So, here we have L'Oreal Le Lacque lip color in "Never Lacque-ing". The collection has creative names. I was going to buy "Matt-er of Fact" from the Le Matte range. This is a limited edition release for Fall 2013. 

Price: The price was a hefty $7.99. A little steep in my opinion for a drug-store lip product. 

Packaging: Standard plastic, colorful, sealed packaging. Not anything creative or classy. It doesn't hurt the eyes! I like that the color of the tube allows you to determine the color of the product. 

Color: Looks like a simple dusty rosy mauve that would be suitable for everyday wear. However, on my lips it looked like a milky baby pink / bubblegum pink. It looked very bright on me, like Kim K's signature "Turkish Delight" look, which I seem to reference a lot these days. I cannot seem to fathom why this looked so "pow wow in your face" and clownish on me. My lips looked defined, big, and pouty. Also, this shade has strong yellow undertones, bringing out the yellow in the enamel of teeth. 

Formula / Application: Although the price and color threw me off, the formula / application made me do a happy dance. This lipliner-lipstick applied so smoothy and felt buttery on the lips. I want to point out though that this particular shade does not appear like a liquid-lacquer as some other beauty bloggers have mentioned in their first-impression posts of the red and lilac shades. This looks creamy, but not "patent leather" or "liquid metal" glossy like a lacquer typically does. In fact, I was expecting it to be like the reviews I had read, so my first impression was that it appeared (not felt, felt buttery) slightly dry in comparison to the other Le Lacque shades. 

Longevity: This product wore off once I ate. It left behind an unflattering pink stain that made my lips look chapped. 

Overall: Do I think this is a must-have product? No. Would I recommend you spend $7.99 on it? No. If you can get it on sale, then it might be worth trying the red shade from the Le Lacque collection. I was tempted to try the deep-wine shade from the Le Matte collection, but I changed my mind after this experience and also reading other reviews on that particular shade, which suggested that it does not apply uniformly given that it is a very dark shade. So, I cannot recommend a shade to try out from the Le Matte collection. I will not be trying the red Le Lacque because "all buyers be aware" the bullet/stick of my Le Lacque broke in the tube, began to melt, and eventually was not twisting up. I wish the bullet/stick was slightly chubbier and not easily susceptible to breaking. 

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  1. Glad to hear what you think of this, as I was ready to run out and buy this a few days ago. Also...I nominated you for the Liebster award!! Check the link on my blog for details :)

  2. nice post .. pinkk


  3. Thank you for the honest review. The color looks great on you but fact that it broke definitely deters me.


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